LA Restaurant Week_throughout SoCal

  1. It is dineLA Restaurant of my favorite times in this city!! :yahoo:

    Great prices on Lunch and Dinner menus at some of our favorite restaurants throughout LA!!

    I got the email, and some of the menus look great, and the price can't be some places, it is $25 for dinner!! Full course meals!!! is the link! And enjoy!
  2. :yahoo:
  3. OMG!!! :yahoo:I'm so excitedddd
  4. this is there a list of addresses so we can find these places?
  5. Click on the restaurant you are interested and it should direct to you the page with all of their information, including the menu!
  6. Thanks a ton! We're always looking for new places to eat... this is perfect!
  7. I can't wait to try some new ones! :tup:
  8. mmm... Lawry's hehehe
  9. wait.. does it really cost $700 to participate?!
  10. No it does not cost $700.

    Call the place you are interested in and make a reservation, just make sure to mention you want the set menu for dineLA week.
  11. ooooh ok! I'm so excited then! thanks!! Do you know what the $700 is for then?
  12. cool! we have something similar in greater vancouver, canada!! its called dine out.. meals range from 15 - 35 dollars n it lasts 3 weeks i think. ends this sunday. =) 3 course meal!
  13. When is the next I missed it