LA premiere of Ocean's 13

  1. Brad and Angelina

    Ellen Barkin
    Brad and Angie.jpg Brad and Angie2.jpg Brad,Angie and George.jpg Ellen Barkin1.jpg Ellen Barkin2.jpg
  2. Cindy Crawford

    Andy Garcia

    Tara Reid
    Cindy Crawford1.jpg Cindy Crawford2.jpg Andy Garcia.jpg Tara Reid1.jpg Tara Reid2.jpg
  3. Matt Damon and wife Luciana

    Al Pacino

    George Clooney
    Matt and Luciana.jpg Matt and Luciana2.jpg Al Pacino1.jpg Al Pacino2.jpg George Clooney.jpg
  4. I think Brad has really lost his looks. Angelina looks beautiful as always.
  5. I think Ellen Barkin looks great especially for her age
  6. Wow Angelina looks fabulous!!! I think Brad still has it but his outfit is not good. He looks like he is wearing a thermal top :confused1: . He looks mix-matched.
  7. Thank you for sharing the pics
  8. Everyone is looking FAB!!! Even Tara!:nuts:
  9. They all look amazing!!! Can't wait to see the movie
  10. I also cannot wait to see this movie. Random that Tara Reid is there, but she does look great. I feel like Matt Damon's wife missed the mark, but she is so sweet it doesn't matter!
  11. I disagree, I think Brad is freaking gorgeous! He looks so happy.
  12. more brangelina

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. mixed
  14. can't wait to see this!!!
  15. Whoa, Casey Affleck! What's up with that 'do???