La Prairie Skincare

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  1. Still looking for a new skincare line. Does anyone here use La Prairie? I want to try it, but it's so expensive. Just wanted opinions before I take the plunge...thanks!
  2. i use it im very happy with it ,
  3. What type of skin do you have bebe?
  4. your age is very important
  5. I've always wondered abut La Prairie the 'skin caviar' really all it's cracked up to me???

    Same questions applies to "La Mer"
  6. i'm 27 and i have combo/oily skin.
  7. I'm 22 and I use the Cellular Luxe Lip Treatment because I have extremely dry lips. I wouldn't recommend it unless your skin is exceptionally dry, as it is heavy and powerful stuff.

    From what I heard, Creme de la Mer can contain algae extract which may cause an allergic reaction (there were some comments about this in a previous thread on this board, perhaps search for it?).

    If you're looking for heavy duty hydratation, I can recommend the Chanel Hydramax+ GEL (not the creme, which is better for night). It's pretty lightweight and so smooth to the touch when you apply it. I swear by it.
  8. hmm...i'm not looking for a really heavy skin gets oily as the day goes on...i just need something light.

    thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Woops, typo alert. I meant "If you're NOT looking for heavy duty". My skin is combo (gets oily if poked at too much or cream too rich) and the Hydramax is perfect for me. It's hydrating enough to prevent dry patches and light enough to prevent oily.
    Perhaps you can ask for a sample at a Chanel stand?
  10. That Paula Begoun, "Paula's Choice", astounds me. She's SO freaking rude, and there are women that literally walk around malls with her book and a checklist and a shopping bag full of products that are either secretly toted by her (because she gets sponsorship deals) or through her hatred of anything over $20 dollars.

    Just look at most of her reviews online. Some of those companies have TONS of products, but she unfairly prejudices people's opinions of the line by reviewing products that are either DISCONTINUED (as so in the case of YSL) or for a very specific, targeted range. And most of the products she poo-poos? Or doesn't even review, such as YSL's Touch Eclat or Mascara (two of the best selling cosmetic products in the world!! - YSL Faux Cils Mascara currently amounts to approx 33% of all Mascara sales in the world, followed by Lancome's Defincils, and Maybelline's Great Lash) products that truly make a line.

    And she's narrow minded. In the cosmetic industry, opinions like her are a dime a dozen, who died and made her the beauty god - anyone seen her skin lately? It's dry and in desperate need of exfoliation. :roflmfao:

    That being said, having personal experience selling and working with the La Prarie Line, it seems best suited to skin that isn't either sensitive at all, like oilier skins TEND to be, or hypersensitive - they have wonderful serums. Or mature skin, the Skin Caviar is BEAUTIFUL. The Cellular Radiance Foundations and Skin Caviar Foundations have some of the best colours out there, but the concealers are a little... err.. too matching (should have the concealer a few shades lighter then the foundation, or you'll look like a canvas... :shocked: ). The Smart Cream is a great way to get into the line.

    And now that everyone knows I'm a cosmetic junkie, continue on!!
  11. i have super oily skin in my t-zone and super dry skin everywhere else. i had a thread about finding cleanser and moisturizer a few days ago. i bought Shiseido cleanser with a little brush and got a sample of their toner and moisturizer, and i must say, it has done wonders in only two days! my skin tone has evened out tremendously and it has taken care of all the drying and redness that my last cleanser and moisturizer caused. i think that the moisturizer sample they have me is possibly a little too heavy for me, but that's probably because it's their night moisturizer, not their day. whatever you try, good luck!
  12. I am SUPER allergic to this line..I stick with Chanel Rectifiance day lotion ..its the BEST
  13. Then I don't think La Prairie is suitable for you, I have combo/dry skin, I used La Prairie before, I stopped not only because it's expensive, mostly because it didn't do anything to me. I still have the serum here, I can't use it because the smell/fragrance is just too strong.

    I tried La mer too, it's very very rich, the lotion is better but I think will still be a bit much for oily skin.

    Amada, Sheseido cleanser is solid. I used it for a very long time when I was younger, I stopped using it because it's a little drying for me, but I can imagine it will be perfect for oily skin type. I love the foaming cleanser, a little bit goes a long way, so the tube lasts forever. My husband is using the men's line now, he loves the cleanser.

    Swee7bebe, have you consider the more natural brands? Such as Decleor, Yonka? I must say Decleor is very gentle and shows good result. I absolutely love the Yonka Gel Nettoyant (also a eyemakeup remover), it's very light and foams up a little, it takes away makeup including mascara, perfect for lazy people like me. It's very gentle, my face never feels tight after, actually very soft yet very effective.

    You can also try looking at you can post your question or read up reviews from people with the same skin type as you.
  14. I have oily and rather sensitive skin...I use chemicals at all...

    my daughter just started ordering arbonne, which is a bit on the pricey side as well...she has oily skin as well and is prone to break outs. She has not had one since 4 days after she started using it...very good for her more youthful skin...

    Clairins total double serum is like gold (priced that way too) but totally worth it once you hit your 35th birthday...