La Prairie skincare and makeup... ?

  1. I just visited the La Prairie counter at Nordstrom in SF and I ended up buying the lip treatment (which is a very nice lip balm in a lipstick tube, with SPF) and a lipstick. They were pretty expensive, but I had just returned something, and I LOVED the color of the lipstick, so I figured why not.

    I also sampled the eye cream and the hydrating fluid, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this line and could vouch for it? The fluid felt pretty nice on my oily skin and I got samples of both to take home, but who knows.

    Oh and also the SA was so rad -- he LOVED my LV Damier bag and also wanted to have a look at my monogram Koala agenda. Heehee!
  2. OMG I was just gonna ask a similar question.

    My mother in law introduced this line to me, bought me the entire set toner, moisturizer, eye cream and the caviar cream.. as a gift

    Many people swear it's one of the best stuff you can buy.. I still didn't use any of the other stuff but I've used the caviar cream religiously and I don't see any improvement~

    I wanted to ask if ppl saw any improvement with this line..
  3. Hey Joanna if you still have that full set I could take it off your hands ... :graucho:

    I got samples last night at Neimans of the cellular moisturizer "smart cream" SPF 15 -- it has a "whipped" texture and is super light. Almost reminds me of a similar product by Philosophy. It disappeared on my skin, which now feels pretty soft. We'll see how I am by the end of the day though.

    I :heart: samples.
  4. GREAT STUFF! Love all of La Prairie
  5. I used to use the powder and I loved it.
  6. I have a lot of La Prairie and altetrnate between this line and my beloved La Mer. I have the skin caviar luxe cream, the essence of skin caviar, extrait of skin caviar, the toner, de-sensitizing serum, re-texturizing booster serum, smart day cream, cellular contour eye cream, smart eye cream. I like it all. It works really well with my skin and does not leave any greasy residue.
    Anyone interested in trying La Prairie should go to their nearest LP counter. The SA'S are really friendly and are very generous with the samples. I got loads of samples before I bought anything and the SA was lovely. No pressure at all.
  7. Chloe what type of skin do you have? Mine is on the oily side, so anything meant for "dry skin" is a no-no for me.