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  1. Hi, I'm new in this site, and also in the CLVD. I tried to read as much as posible before asking this as I read that were so many qs about it, but I couldn't really find them. So, I sorry If I'm being repetitive :sad:
    Thanks for your patience, I apreciate your advise. :rolleyes:

    Can you tell me anything about that site La Perle? Do they sell authentic LV Handbags? Is there any other place where you can buy cheaper than eluxury?

    Thanks again !!!:idea:
  2. Fake. There are actually a lot of threads about this, but mods lock and close them immediately because it gets asked so often.

    Also, for all authenticity questions, please post in the Authenticate This sticky thread. :flowers:
  3. Definitely fake.
  4. Stay far away from this site, it's all fake no matter what they say. The only authorized online retailers of Louis Vuitton are and of course (if you are outside of the U.S.).
  5. Tanks very much for your help!!
  6. EWWWW....f-a-k-e!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.