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  1. HI there!

    I am new at this forum and ofcourse a real LV fan. :love:

    I am desperately looking for a cerise speedy:crybaby: I had been told that this line has been discontinued (LV Amsterdam. NL)... However I read on this forum that people are still able getting them.. So I was wondering via which online shop? I saw La

    Does somebody know this online shop, or can somebody help me with finding reliable online shops?


    Amy :heart:
  2. As far as i know that place sells fakes.

    try , I think they have one cerise available.

  3. Thx for your reply! Does sell new or 2nd hand? I saw speedy cerise for $979.99, is that a good deal?
    Are there any other sites?
  4. they sell second hand, but sometimes they do have new items. I think that is a good price.

    you can also try

    let-trade seems to have the best deals.

    Good luck!
  5. I think most people in this forum will definitely recommend Let-Trade... he sells 100% authentic LV and has the best deals. :yes:
  6. laperle is definitely fakes..
    eBay can have great deals, but make sure to get your bags authenticated!
  7. Yes stay far away from LaPerle...they sell fakes...try eBay (make sure to post pics in the 'Authenticate this Louis Vuitton' thread so someone can authenticate it for you) or try the sites suggested by samoXenina. :yes:
  8. From reading the title, I thought someone was buying LV from La Perla, the lingerie brand..

  9. hahah... I saw my mistake too late for correction.. sorry for confusing...
    Thx for yr suggestions! I will first think about it, since it's a large amount of money to pay online.... i hv never done such transaction before... although I realy :heart: :heart: :heart: the cerise speedy....:shame:
  10. authenticity questions are ONLY permitted in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.