LA Peps: Been to Maxfield's lately?

  1. Hi all...I was just wondering if anyone had been to Maxfield's lately? Last time I went was about 6 months ago, and their BBag stock was extremely thin-only men's bags. It suprised me since they usually have a small but nice selection. It made me think that they might have stopped carrying them and were trying to get rid of stock. So has anyone gone lately to check out theri stock or have they stopped carrying them altogether?
  2. Hmmm nope not me, but subbing to see if anyone else has been.
  3. well i just answered my own question. i went to maxfield's and was told that they just sold their last bbag and will not carry it anymore. :crybaby:
  4. ^^Really? I haven't been in awhile but the last time I was there they had several. Where will MK buy her bags??:amuse:
  5. guess we'll have to wait for the bal-la opening?
  6. the last time i went, they only had one womens bbag, and it was a caramel croc first...
    man it was gorgeous!