LA or New york ??

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  1. i am going to US next week.. i am visiting LA first than New York just wondering is it cheaper to purchase a XL jumbo at LA or NY cuz i kno in US each state has different tax law .... i m very excited about my trip hope u guys can share some shopping experiences with me !! thanks
  2. LA sales tax is currently 9.975%; NY is slightly cheaper.

    You should call beforehand to see if the bag you are looking for is still available.

    Have fun! Report back with your new buy!
  3. If you can, you should checkout the outlet at Woodbury Commons. I haven't been but my friend got a real deal when she went.
  4. hey. I am also currently visiting nyc and they have so many stores and so many bags available that are hard to find in europe :sad: do any of you know if its cheaper (except paris the city of chanel and uk (expensive pount)) to purchase chanel in europe or in nyc. NYC has a high tax rate, but so does europe were I come from. Its hard for me to know if the bags are more expensive here as I do not know all the prices in euro.. at least for the seasonal bags. any advice?! :smile: