LA/OC TPF MEET ON SATURDAY, OCT 6 ! Come join us !


Where would you like the Oct 6 Meet?

  1. Beverly Center/Rodeo Drive

  2. South Coast Plaza

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  1. Hello all, I had so much fun at the last LA meet that Beljwl and I want to organize another meet in about a month. We've decided to set the date for October 6th and we can either do South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa or do Beverly Center/Rodeo Dr. again. This time, we'll let you pick the location and we'll go with majority! :tup: Please PM me your email address if you're interested in receiving an evite. I'm hoping to get those out my 3rd week of September. Hope to see you there!! :yes:
  2. Btw, I voted SCP but I'm really up for either locations. :amuse:
  3. I voted for Beverly Center/Rodeo so I guess we cancel each other out. I am also up for either.
  4. LOL! :lol:
  5. i didn't make it to the last meet so hopefully i can make it to this one. i picked BH/rodeo dr. because it's closest to me since i live in the SF valley. but either location will do. :smile:
  6. If we end up going to SCP I am willing to drive anyone that wants to car pool. Please email me if you want to carpool.
  7. Sounds like a fun idea. What did you guys do last time when y'all met?
  8. We had lunch at CPK in Bev Center then we visited a few stores.. at the Gucci store, the store manager kinda gave us some info and history on the Company. After, some of use carpooled over to Rodeo Drive to walk around a little bit more and check out some more stores.
  9. Just like MrsJimmyH said we had lunch and went shopping. I think there 14 of us total for lunch and then we all stayed and shopped at the Beverly Center. For some reason no one really bought anything at the Beverly Center. Then a few of us carpooled over to Rodeo Drive 2 people bought a few things at Tiffany's ;)and someone bought a ring at LV and another person bought some perfume at Doir.

    You should join us it was a LOT of fun!!!!!!
  10. I would love to come! Maybe by then baby will take a bottle and I can leave her with DH or SIL in San Diego... a girl can dream :rolleyes:

  11. I hope you can join us. We had so much fun at our last get together. Sorry about canceling the Cabazon trip.
  12. thanks for organizing this! i hope i can come to this get-together. it's a week b4 my wedding but i should still be in town then.

    btw, i voted for rodeo drive/bev center just cuz its closer to me (i live near westchester). but i don't really have a preference, since i've never been to either location (i've been here less than 1 month).
  13. I'm in Long Beach a lot so maybe I can come down if I am in that area. Sounds like fun although I've never been to the Beverly Centre so thats my vote.
  14. Im in too!!!!!!!! I need to make it this time....I missed the last ones and I was pretty bumed!!!!

    Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. YAY!!! Glad you are coming this time!! We had a great time last meet.
    Be sure to PM MrsJimmyh your email address so you can get an evite.