1. its going to be the last one as they are relocating.
    timing is 8am -4pm
    its open to the public, cash only .
    its at 11128 gault st north hollywood

    as a side note, if any sweet OC er wants to carpool i am very interested
  2. !!!!!

    is it cheaper?
  3. I've always wanted to go to this - I smell a road trip!
  4. i sooo want to be there!! do they have any good deals online?
  5. thanks
  6. I went to this last summer, it was AWESOME.... I am so there.
  7. Lucky!!!
  8. HUGE fan of Stila...wish they had a sale here in NYC!

    Enjoy :smile:
  9. ooh.. good to know! how's the selection/prices?
  10. So jealous. Wish I lived in the US. :p

    Have fun, and tell us about your bargains! :graucho:
  11. do we need to rsvp or be on an invite list? how are the prices?
  12. ^^^i would liekt o know this too!

    i hope i dont have to work on that day!
  13. ^^its on a saturday...
  14. Yes I Know. I don't get my work schedule til tomorrow. :smile:~
  15. Sounds like soooo much fun. Where are you OC girls planning to meet?