LA/OC gals: Anyone interested in meeting?

  1. It looks like there's a few of us, and I'd love to meet you gals! We could meet in Beverly Hills or South Coast Plaza. I just want to know if anyone is interested at all, and we could discuss a date and time later.
  2. post here if you do pick a date and time - i go to l.a. 2 or 3x a year.
  3. Hey if we do SCP, we can go have fondue afterwards!!

    yeah, I have fondue on the brain.
  4. I'll be going to LA 1x/month starting in Sept., so if it coincides, I'm game! Especially for fondue!
  5. If its at SCP, count me in!!
  6. How long will your stays be? Will they coincide with weekends? Is it going to be at the same time every month or will it vary? Since LA is huge and traffic is horrid, would it be pretty accurate to say that a Sat. or Sun. is the best time to meet? I work in the Santa Clarita Valley and live in the San Fernando Valley, so I doubt I could meet at SCP unless it's on a weekend, but I don't mind the drive at all. If we meet in BH, I could meet on a weekend or weekday on a Thursday. I'd :heart: to try kou's fondue!
  7. Will you be in LA anytime within the next couple of months? If not, maybe we can arrange more than 1 meeting.
  8. I would love to meet up! I am available on Sundays and Mondays and we could meet at BH or SCP, although SCP is closer to me, whatever you ladies decide! :biggrin:
  9. your girls are really lucky to have the opportunity to meet eachother!
  10. Can anyone meet at SCP on Sunday, Aug. 6th or 13th? I can do either.
  11. koukanamiya,ranskimmie,amkur,HiHeels,Greentea: You've got mail!
  12. I'm bumping this thread because I was hoping there might be a time all of us SoCal girls could meet up...anyone? BH is closest to me but if everyone could meet up at SCP I could do that as well!
  13. I'm down to meet at SCP or BH.
  14. Im definitely willing to fly over. I commute back and forth between Alaska and the West With Advance notice..I can do it!

    Let's all meet.

    Any guys out there who wants to join too??

    PS: Im going to Western Alaska H Store this weekend. Saturday perhaps late afternoon. 4/14.

    Ladies: Can guys Join too?????
  15. I'm a guy and interested in going with all the wonderful H ladies.