La Musique des Spheres scarf question

  1. Unfortunately, since the search function is down, I can't do a search so I hope I'm not reposting a question.

    But I was curious if anyone owns this particular design. I have a chance to purchase it at a consignment shop for a discounted price, and it's in like new condition. The c/w is black and white and I think light,very pale blue (overall black background). I liked it immediately, especially since I was thinking of purchasing it at the boutique anyway although i haven't seen this c/w in a store. I played violin throughout my childhood so that's why i'm drawn to the design.

    Does anyone own this particular design? What do you think of it when folded? Any action photos by any chance? Do you think this c/w is nice, or should i try for another?

    here's the link to the Hermes France website, since it's posted there:

    Thanks again, and apologies if this is repetitive in the forum.

  2. I have this scarf in 2 c/w. It is a great choice if you want a scarf that looks fairly solid when tied. ie, if you buy a black one ,its going to look pretty much black , when tied.
    What colours do you tend to wear?
  3. Hi babyhart, it is my grail scarf (I am a violinist) and I have it in light pink in mousseline (the big size) and in prune in the 90 cm twill. I don't have photos accessible to me right now but the mousse is I think in the mousseline thread; if you have trouble finding it, please PM me or ask here and I will repost later this evening. I don't think I have "in-action" shots, though, unfortunately...
    I saw a pale one on eBay recently...maybe cream/black?
  4. I don't know if this will help, since the colorway of my scarf is really monochromatic, but here are some pictures of it tied.

    Pepper--do you know what the pieces of music are that are on the scarf? I would love to know more about it.
    MdStiedwtmk.jpg MdS.jpg
  5. thanks raz, pepper & tangle ...

    pepper, i will definitely look at the thread. thanks for leading me in the right direction. i miss the search function!

    tangle, thanks for the pictures, your c/w is beautiful, it's full of depth. action shots are definitely helpful when making a decision.
  6. This is one of my grails as well (hi Pepper! :heart:)

    I bought two twills first, then found the mousselines and most recently, the prune. It's a pattern whose design portrays the theme (it's a very lyrical design), plus I :heart: music.


    white/sepia twill

    navy/brown/bronze twill


    navy mousse pochette


    pink mousse pochette


    black/grey/brown 90cm mousse
    musique1.jpg musique navy full.jpg musique navy mousseline full.jpg musique pink mousseline pochette.JPG 1-10 musique.JPG
  7. prune/violine/grey twill

    musique des spheres prune.jpg
  8. I think there are 2 key design elements in MdS

    1. the viola - which is in very contrasty grey in the prune colorway, but not always such a standout. It can disappear depending on fold and colorway

    2. all the little musical notes - that seem to show even when folded

    So, think of which elements you want to show when making a decision
  9. I own this design as plissé and it is amazing. I am a violinist and feel very close to this scarf! It was interesting to see the beautiful design not plissé, as I really have to stretch it to see all the details. Mine is cream/ivoryish background and black. The pleats are entrancing, it behaves kind of like a "slinky"! Everything about this scarf is special.
  10. I have it in the black colourway, it was my first H scarf and love it!
    there's a very bad picture of me wearing it at page 34 of H and cheap outfits.
    If you have the chance to get it don't think twice, you won't regret it