La Mer's Handcream

  1. Anyone tried this? I'm interested in buying it but was wondering if it's really greasy, creamy, gel-like...etc. just the texture in general I guess. Also, how satisfied you are with the results? Thanks a bunch:flowers:
  2. Not the hand cream, but the body lotion was TDF!!
  3. I just got a 1oz. sample of the hand cream when I purchased the body cream at Saks, it is pretty good, I wouldn't say greasy at all, it soaks right in, then again my hands are pretty dry. But it doesn't seem to be like the other products where a little goes a long way. I have to use a good amount to cover my hands. But they look marvelous after application. Very youthful and plump.
    Maybe they have samples at the counter?

    P.S. Yes, the body creme is to die for!!! I will never be without that now!!
  4. the hand cream is really nice but i think l'occitane is just as good. the body cream, on the other hand, tdf!
  5. I use the hand cream and I really like it. A pea sized amount does both my winter dry hands!
  6. so I should get the body cream and smear it on my hands?!?!?! lol

    Thanks for the replies!
  7. I love the La mer hand cream.
  8. Love the hand cream - I was talked into buying the travel set (hand and body cream) during a complimentary hand massage at Nieman Marcus. The body cream is okay, but I really love the hand cream.