La Mer

  1. Hello, I'm looking for the perfect moisturizer that I can use both nightly and daily. Can anyone suggest where I can buy La Mer online? Thanks:heart:
  2. Neiman Marcus and Saks both sell La Mer online! I love their Creme de La Mer, it's so great for winter!
  3. I buy mine directly from Saks but you can order it online too. I love La Mer. It makes your skin sooo soft.
  4. I buy mine from the Saks that is about 35minutes away from me. I call and they send it to me via fed ex. It's worth paying the shipping because they are VERY generous with samples and they call me to let me know when they are having a gift with purchase. Just a thought!
  5. strawberrynet sells la mer online...i've bought things from them in the past, but never la mer cream though. i've always just gone into holt renfrew to buy mine.
  6. I believe you can get it from their website, I believe it is. Also Saks and possibly
  7. I think the department stores are about to do their GWP. Nordstrom's just did their's. LM is very generous with their GWP, but you have to buy either $200, $250 or $300 to qualify for the free gift. I can't remember what it is, or it may vary from time to time.
  8. has it. they usually have free shipping codes. and no sales tax if shipping out of state (NY).
  9. Yep, Nordstrom, BG, NM, Saks all carry it. You can call Nordstrom too and have it shipped, usually they will waive the shipping for you if there is not a store in your area that carries La Mer.
  10. you can also just order directly from La Mer, , and I believe they give sample(s) out for every order
  11. Yes, they do. They also never charge for regular shipping. You get to choose one sample out of two choices, but they also do occasional "deluxe" samples on top of that. They just did a one ounce tube of body creme special with any purchase in addition to the other little sample. I took advantage!
  12. for me, personally, the eye cream is the only thing i would stay away from. it buuurrrrns my skin. the facial creme is perfect for the winter though!
  13. Hi

    Is the face cream really rich? My skin is combination and I want something that absorbs really well.


  14. Yes, the face creme is very rich. But a little goes along way. Also, that's why I only use the face creme during winter months when my skin tends to dry easier.
  15. I only use La Mer in the winter when my skin is dryer too. It lasts me a long time this way which is good because it is pricey.