La Mer....worth it??

  1. While at Saks today, I purcahsed La Mer's Eye Balm. I never used any products from the La Mer line and have heard wonderful things about the line, but then I have also heard about a few breakouts. The SA gave me tons of samples and put me down for an appointment to have a La Mer facial. What do you all think? Should I worry about my skin going nuts? I am getting nervous about using the balm! Are the products worth the money? I am calling out to anyone who has ever tried La Mer!! Please help!
  2. I love Creme De La Mer! It doesn't make me oily/greasy or breakout and a little goes a long way.

    I heard mixed reviews about the product, so I purchased a small sample jar off of Ebay first. I fell in love with it!

    I haven't tried any of the other products from the line...yet. ;)
  3. What type of skin do you have? I have normal/combination with some breakouts during my period. I am just so worried that my skin will break out!! I know I can always return the product if I don't like it, but having to deal with pimple flare-ups will suck!
  4. I used La Mer for a number of years. I recently switched over to Bobbi Brown because I thought I'd be more economical. Truth be told, that little bottle of moisutrizer lasts a long time.

    I love their moisturizer, exfoliater and face soap. I think their toner and lotions are just okay.

    I have sensitive skin and La Mer always worked well with it. Just make sure to rub the moisturizer between your palms and pat it on your face.
  5. I used La Mer moisterizing creme, and enjoyed it. However I have used other things that work just as well. I didn't break out on LM either-:heart:
  6. I just switched to Le Mer Cream in January. I'm still using the same 2oz jar that I had in january. A little bit goes a long way. I have been told that the secret to the cream is to warm it up with your fingers first before applying it. I have oily/combinatin skin and have not had any breakouts with it.
  7. I was really not impressed with the cream for the price. I thought it worked okay but certainly wasn't fantastic.

    However, I LOVE Dr. Bryants Microdermabrasion. My skin is like Buttah after using it.
  8. i love it in the winter. my skin gets really dry, hence la mer is perfect in the winter. not so much in the summer tho.
  9. Go for the safety factor in the Oil Absorbing Lotion instead of the Creme: there is definitely a chance that you'll get a breakout if you use the Creme because it's really heavy and anyway you don't want to be using it in the summer.

    I'm a La Mer freak; I have everything except their lifting serums and minty Lip Balm, the latter is just stupid and the Essence de La Mer cos I'm not that crinkly yet to justify the £1,500 (~$2,500) price tag, LOL! You know what I even use the Cleansing Gel with warm water to clean my make up brush.

    But by far the best thing my La Mer lady has told me is to use the Refining Facials, Body Serum (optional step) and Body Lotion on my heels and now it's soft as a baby's bottom!

    Hoohoo, I also love the facials but it's a bit expensive at £150 (~$250) a pop so it's a special treat every two months.
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  11. I have very sensitive skin and I've been using La Mer for the last two years. It's perfect and I wouldn't change it for anything:heart:
    I agree with rubygirl that a little bit goes a long way. I had my first jar (I don't remember the size, but it was the normal one, not the big one)for one year and a half so if you think about it, it's not that expensive.
  12. Thanks ladies for all your help!! I will give you all an update after my facial!! Hopefully all will go well and there will be no break-ups! I work very hard trying to have nice skin and I don't want this foofy stuff to be a monkey wrench!
  13. I was a La Mer user for many years. I started using it in my early early 20's It did so much wonders for my skin, I used everything that their line provided, facial wash, toner, eye balm, face cream, lip balm, face serum (which I still have and only use on special occasions) I used everything!!!!!! I found this line to be the best! My skin never had breakouts and even during my period you couldn't find a flaw in my face. I have Oil based face in the summer and very dry face in the winter, this cream worked wonders for me.

    Recently in the past 2 years I tried the Shu Uemura skin line. Let me tell you, this is what dreams are made of!!!! I dropped La Mer like you wouldn't imagine!!!! This line does EXACTLY what la mer does but is organic and everything from their skin line to their make-up is Mineral based plus it costs half as much. They use natural sea water for all their products which is good because everyones face needs a little salt!!! I Start my day with Shu U and end my day in Shu U, I have changed everything in my makeup room from make-up to make-up brushes, body lotions, nail polishes, eye lashes, tools, everything.

    I believe to each it's own but I must tell you Shu Uemura was the best thing that ever happened to me. When I was on my weight loss diet I lost a little over 35lbs, you could see it in my face the way it sagged! La Mer stopped working for me and Shu Uemura kicked in, my face now doesn't have that sag! I feel like my feels better than a babies bottom!!! lol
  14. I've never used La Mer, in the UK its impossible to buy something that will make any true physical adjustments to your face without a prescription from your doctors. so at the price, I just stayed clear. I have to say I am a total Eve Lom devotee thoguh! I don't moisterise ever (maybe once a month) but I use her cleansing balm every day. its sublime! my skin is fabulous!

    So if all doesn't go well with the Mer, give that a try ! Enjoy your facial!
  15. I agree with you....if you want to see serious changes, you need a prescription! I use a 10% glycolic acid to treat any fine wrinkles, sun damage, etc...and I have been thinking of getting some retin-A for when I see fine lines taking over...but I feel I am not ready for that kind of prescription I need a transitional cream!