La Mer Serum or Concentrate?

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  1. Can anyone recommend either one of these products? Can you tell me what it did for you or what you liked / disliked about it? I am thinking about adding one or both of these products to my daily routine and I am interested in your opinions and experiences.
  2. I recently saw a morning show that did a story on face and eye creams.
    LaMer was rated at the bottom.
    Basically the study showed that Oil of Olay and similar products purchased in drug stores have the same or better rating than high priced department store creams!
    I was really stunned!
  3. The concentrate. It has the highest percentage of the infamous 'broth' that makes la mer so popular and also I think it works so much better than the serum, which did nothing for my skin.
  4. depends on what you need it for, i just bought the concentrate because the sa said that it helps with rosacea, eczema, whatever "damage" your skin is going through and needs recovery from, which i need...however, if you need anti-aging, then the serum better for that.
  5. Thanks for the help. I tried the concentrate and it caused some irritation on my forehead. I'm now trying the serum and I think this is what I need.
  6. Oh man, the serum burned my skin like crazy! I'm not usually too sensitive but my skin did NOT like that stuff.
  7. ^^I did not rate the serum either. I loved the concentrate though. It's just really expensive though! xx