La Mer Samples

  1. Hey, can anyone help me?

    I've been looking for the PERFECT moisturizer. I've tried everything but they seem to work fine until after a week or so when they don't work as good as the start. I have a combination skin (leaning towards dry).

    I've wanted to try La Mer but read so many reviews that it didn't work for some people and they wasted so much money on something that led to breakouts and rashes.

    I've tried getting samples from our local distributor here in Asia but it was close to impossible. We haven't had La Mer stocks in 2 weeks.:sad: Has anyone bought from *bay?
  2. Not sure about eBay but try Not only does it give product reviews but you can swap products w/other members. I've swapped items to get lamer powder. I know there are some products that I would never swap such as used eyeshadow (gross) but you may be able to get samples.
  3. I did buy my first sample from eBay, because I wanted to make sure it worked before forking out all that dough, so just check with reputable sellers. Unfortunatly, I dont remember who I purchased from... sorry.
  4. I'm sure you could buy them off eBay. Just check feedback on the sellers beforehand. They sell all kinds of stuff there!! And for the kind of dough LaMer requires, I'd definitely want to try it before I got full size.
  5. I have...try buying from justinsmomo on ebay. Her prices are good and she ships internationally. I'm sure you will love the product once you try it.
  6. I'm also thinking of trying la mer. I found the site and it sells those small GWP sizes. It says all items are fresh and authentic? Has anyone ever bought from them?
  7. Thanks for the help! I'll try to look for justinsmomo. I'm just so scared of buying from ebay especially after my friend experienced buying one off ebay (sealed and brand new w/o box) only to realize it was Nivea.:crybaby:
  8. Just click on the name in my post above and it will take you straight there. I've dealt with her recently, and I was very pleased.
  9. I've clicked on the link... so the samples cost between 49-60 USD, but a jar of La Mer costs several hundreds of Dollars? In the shops as well? Wow.
  10. well the mini jars seem to be sold in lots, so you'd be getting 3 for the $39.99 price which isn't great considering they're given away for free, but isn't terrible considering the fact that they're .24 ounce each, and if you buy a la mer jar it costs $125 :tup:.

    and i just wanted to add that both my mother and i love the creme de la mer (and the lotion is great as well if you need something else to try!).
  11. I stopped using La Mer a couple of years ago..the cream was just waaay too rich (and I think it was clogging my pores!). But I recently reconverted when I saw the oil absorbing lotion. It is fantastic!! I use it as my primer..helps keep the make up in place and my face shine free. It's simply the best moisturiser I have ever tried.

    Re the samples's pretty ironic that they only give you samples when you buy. And internationally, you usually have to make a BIG sale before they'll cough them up :smile:

    I also really love the face serum. I put it on before evening make up, really smoothes everything and sets the foundation.

    I also have to admit indulging in the body creme. Oh's like covering your whole body with a pot of the face creme!

    Good luck with the sample hunting
  12. i think that's really a shame. how can they expect you to make such an expensive purchase having never tried the product? i'm so glad i have my lovely SA who showers me with la mer samples. and i do agree that the oil free moisturizer is wonderful-i'd been wanting to try it for awhile, so i asked my SA for samples and i think he gave me 10 of them (which i think added up to the size of a full size or more). i went through a good number of them and i've been saving the rest for summer since i need a little more moisture for winter.
  13. I buy the .24oz sample sizes from ebay rather than purchasing a big 1 oz jar in the store. They are the bigger sample sizes. Each little jar is 1/4 the size of the full size 1 oz jar and lasts me 2 weeks or more. The cost works out to less than half what the 1 oz jar costs and the small sizes are so portable. They don't take up too much room in my cosmetics bag. I just love them! There is also a smaller .11oz sample size, but they are really tiny.
    I usually order 6-8 .24oz sizes at a time.....enough to last me 4-6 months.
    It's true, they are really sparse with giving out the samples at the counter. You really have to work to get them to hand them over. In my case too, the nearest retailer is an hour away.