La Mer Products

  1. Hi Everyone!! My Nmae is Taylor, I live in Ontario, Canada. I have recentky gotten into "La Mer" products...I so far enjoy the results..but I am not too sure if I am applying it right...I use the Face Lifting serum first the the other serum and then I apply the creme..then the eye creme..does anyone know if this is the correct order in which I should apply these products?? I hvae been using them for about 8 days now. I would appreciate someone's advice..::yes:


  2. Hi Taylor - Yes, you are applying the products correctly. Be sure to warm up the creme in the palm of your hand first.

    I applied the serum first, then the eye balm and finally the creme when I used the products.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. oh! its that the right way to apply it? coz im applying the eye balm first
    then the cream. then i end it with the serum. ive been doin this for
    2 months already... :sad:
  4. Serums should always go on first, let it absorb into the skin then put the face and eye cream on!