la mer powder - anyone try this?

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  1. i've never tried la mer products, but this powder intrigued me. it's $65 and i'm trying to figure out if it's worth it. has anyone tried it?
  2. you are referring to the loose powder correct? comes in a large glass jar...
  3. if you are refering to the loose powder, yes I have this and I love it. It will probably last me forever because it's a huge jar. It just gives a lovely, natural finish. It's probably my favorite loose powder.
  4. I have a large jar too, and it's no longer in a glass jar. It's plastic now :sad: but they loose powder is amazing, I love it and it does last a very long time
  5. The La Mer powder is great! I love it!
  6. How do you guys apply it? I must be doing it wrong. I use a powder brush but I can always see the little flecks of powder and I hate that! :sad: I stopped using it months ago...
  7. it's ok. considering its size, it's quite good. doesn't cake up.
    it comes in a plastic jar now? oh that's good news, the ones i have are just too heavy

  8. I have the la mer powder brush but I dont use it very often, I usually apply it with my Mac 182 (i think) its the kabuki brush.
  9. I bought this La Mer powder several years ago. It is so silky and light I just had to have it. I also bought the brush ($70 yikes) because of the same reason. It all felt so luxurious to me. I bought it when it came in the glass jar. I love it!!
  10. I have this and I use it w/ my MAC 187. I don't use it all the time though, just on and off since I alternate between different powders. Considering how huge it is, $65 is not bad.
  11. This has me intrigued. Is it a real translucent powder? I ask because sometimes "translucent" powders have a white cast.

  12. ^^There are luminous particles in this powder, but you may be using too much if you can see it. This powder lasts a long time. What kind of powder brush are you using?

    I'm sad about the plastic jar too. I would have saved my glass jar if I'd known they'd switched to plastic.
  13. la mer powder (in translucent & beige) is my FAVE loose powder. I bought translucent several years ago and still have a ton left. The glass jar is super heavy so I just transfer a little bit into the the tester size la mer powder jar (5 grams size i think).
  14. I love it, too- I use the translucent. I apply it with the enclosed puff, then gently sweep a (clean) fluffy cosmetic brush over what I've applied to get rid of any extra.
  15. Yes, it really is translucent. I've had problems with other translucent powders (make me have the white cast, but this is truly translucent.