La mer gel vs creme - or other day moisturizer

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  1. I have used La Mer creme in the past but switched to gel this summer as I felt I wouldn't need as much moisture & like the consistency of it but didn't get a feeling of satisfaction out of it.

    Their Lotion is too light.

    I am thinking of going back to Creme for evening but wondering what to use for day moisturizer.

    I use LM foundation.

    I am 50+ - combo skin - infrequent breakouts.

    Like to use whatever I get on my neck & upper chest area as well.

  2. I bought the Gel Cream thinking it would be perfect for wearing under my makeup during the summer months. I still find myself reaching for the traditional cream formula. In the end my skin is much more comfortable with it. If I use the GelCream formula for more than a couple of days my skin starts feeling tight and dry. After I finish with this jar I won't buy it again.

    Are you finding the traditional cream to be too heavy for daytime use? Which LM foundation are you using?
  3. I thought the creme was too heavy for the summer particularly in Dallas with our 100+ weather but I felt like Gel just didn't have the same effects as the Creme despite being told by SA they are same formulation.

    I tried samples of Revive & Amore Pacific products but didn't think they did much for me.

    I also don't want to spend $500 on moisturizer.

    I use LM tinted moisturizer & loose powder.

    Have you ever tried Kinerase products?

    I will probably go back to the Creme.
  4. I've been using the gel in the morning and the original cream at night. Maybe you can try that? The gel cream used by itself doesn't keep my skin moisturized enough.

  5. Have you ever used any creams from the Estee Lauder ReNutriv line? They may be perfect for you during the day.

    They make a lightweight cream from the classic line that has a great price of $85 for 1.7oz.

    The Intensive Lifting Cream is also very nice and it's $158 for 1.7 oz.

    I occasionally will use the Revitalizing Comfort cream (ReNutriv) under my makeup during the day. It has a very similar consistency to the La Mer Gel Cream.

    I know what you mean about the temps. I'm in Alabama.:sweatdrop: Humidity is a makeup destroyer. You might also consider using a makeup primer on top of your moisturizer but before your Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It will help keep your foundation in place. Just give each application a few minutes to soak into your skin and dry before you apply the next product.

    I've never used Kinerase though I worked for a spa once that sold their products. Their ads with Courtney Cox make me curious. She looks better but then I wonder how much of that is the product and how much is airbrushing.
  6. I do use the LM primer - when I remember.

    I have never used EL face creams but I know I can get some samples from my SA at Saks.

    I saw an ad for some exclusive for Sephora Kinerase product that I wanted to go look at but I don't think it's a moisturizer.
  7. I use the gel creme.. The original creme is way to heavy for my skin but im 26 and I live in Humid Florida so it might be different for me. I can only use the original creme when im sun burnt and DRY
  8. As usual, I agree. :yes:

    When I first started out with trying La Mer products to see what I liked best, I even found the lotion to be too heavy for me. So far, only the gel works for me, and I use the original creme whenever I get a dry patch here and there, but other than that I use the gel morning and evening.
  9. ^^ Nicole, What other products do you use from La Mer? I think from our posts we have the same skin, lol
  10. I think so too, lol.

    I also use the radiant infusion, tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, creme foundation, loose powder, eye concentrate, and this weekend I'll be adding the body creme (I've been using samples of the lotion and I love it, but I loved how the creme felt even more, so it's time to buy!). When I go by this weekend, I'm going to pick up a sample of the hydrating infusion just to see how it compares to the radiant infusion. I have combination skin, so I may not be the best candidate for it, but I love trying all of their products! Have you tried it yet?

    What other products do you use?
  11. ^I just remembered... I also have the refining facial, which I use once in a while. Most of the time I forget I have it, lol.
  12. ^I swear this is the last time I reply, lol. I forgot to mention the cleansing foam too... just remembered now when I used it. :Push: Also, if you have any other recommendations, feel free to share!
  13. Itsnicole, how do you like the radiant infusion? I use the cleansing foam (alternate it with the cleansing lotion), eye concentrate and refining facial as well and have been wondering if I should try the radiant infusion. I want to try the foundation and pressed powder too, but that will require me to be unlazy and actually take a trip to a store that sells La Mer so I can test out the colors. I usually just order my La Mer stuff online, since my closest store that sells La Mer isn't in a mall I go to very often. :sweatdrop:
  14. I love it! I use it after the cleansing foam as my toner (this is how my SA told me it should be used). It might just be all in my mind, but I really do think it gives my face a nice glow. I started out with a sample first to make sure I liked it, and once I ran out I went and bought it right away. Since you may not be able to get a sample of it since you're not near La Mer, then you might just have to risk it... but I think it's so worth it! I'm pretty sure Cheryl uses it too, so maybe she can give you her opinion on it as well.

    Next time you go by a La Mer store, definitely check out the foundation and powder. I actually use the translucent shade in the powder, so for me there was no matching. However, with the foundation you'll definitely have to. I alternate between the liquid on the week days since it's more light weight and the cream at night on the weekends for going out. Both are fantastic, and a perfect color match for me (which has been impossible for me to find, and I've tried a million brands).

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  15. Thank you, that was a big help. :smile: If I have extra money, I may give the radiant infusion a try when NM has their beauty event coming up soon. :smile: