La Mer Gel Questions

  1. I recently purchased La Mer's lip balm (LOVE IT) from Neiman's website and got a free sample of the La Mer Creme. I like the creme, but it's a little too thick for me -- I actually don't feel like I get good coverage with it because it's almost too thick to spread on my face. (I am warming it up in my hand first, like you're supposed to.) Anyway, does the gel glide on easier? Is it still good for dry skin? Also, is the gel available in a one ounce jar -- or do you have to buy it two ounces at a time? Thanks!
  2. The gel does not have to be warmed and it goes on very easily! I believe the gel is available in 1 oz size. I am sure that the SA would give you a sample of the gel, too! Good luck
  3. Thanks! I'm going to try to get over to NM or SFA soon.
  4. I want to try the gel as well, but I've been breaking out and I'm not sure if it would irritate it further or help the situation.... sigh..

    I'm sure the cream would be far to heavy for my face right now..
  5. i just read your other thread and i definitely would not use the cream right now! it breaks out people who aren't having issues sometimes (me included although i still love it for dry skin days). but the gel might actually work well for you-it's very light and so may give your skin the opportunity to breathe. also, when i'm breaking out i make sure to cleanse really really well with a foaming face wash and some slightly alcoholic toner (something with glycolic acid in it maybe)-it kind of dries my skin out, which is pretty much what i'm aiming to do, and it's deserved for those rare time when i'm breaking out horribly. it dries everything right up and i'm usually fine within a day or 2-just means i have to heavily moisturize once everything's cleared up.
  6. thanks sweetie..I think I'll ask for a sample of the gel and see how it goes :smile: