LA Laser Hair Removal Help (Recommendations!)

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  1. I was hoping you helpful PFers could recommend someone in the LA area for laser hair removal. I just found out the girl I used a couple years ago moved away. I hate to just try someone randomly from and ad or the phone book...
    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!:smile:
  2. I go to advanced laser hair clinic in hermosa beach. I haven't had any problems yet, and the office is very clean.
  3. I can't give you any recommendations, but a little advice:

    3 words for you before considering laser hair removal: Research, Research, Research...the doctor, the facilities, and the equipment being used. Not all lasers are created equal and for all skin tones. Some are geared toward people with fair complexion and others for people of color.

    Go to a trusted dermatologist that will actually perform the procedure, not passing it off to an untrained estician. Don't go to those places in the mall.

    Be sure you discontinue all Retin-A and topical prescriptions at least 3 weeks before getting treatments. Your skin will burn if you don't. DOn't use any numbing creams, your dermatologist will use what is best suited for your skin.

    Tyra recently did a show about cosmetic procedure disasters. Take a look: The Tyra Banks Show

    I wish you well...