LA Ladies!!! LF Warehouse Sale!!!!!

  1. The famous LF Warehouse sale is on Saturday 10/20 (7am-3pm) -Sunday 10/21 (10am-2pm). Save 75%-90% on designer denim, tops, tees dresses, jackets, pants, sweaters shoes and more by European and American urban designers including Emma and Sam, Era of Chaos, Furst Premium, Millau, Power of Now, Jeffery Campbell and more. 5333 McConnell, Los Angeles (Playa Del Rey). Cash /CC only.

    I picked up so many great things! I love this sale! Its perfect for basics and then some!

    Good Luck! :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. never heard of this "famous LF Warehouse sale"
    what's it like? if it's on a Saturday is it totally a mob scene? how great are the prices?
  3. yes what it like? Whats the price range?
  4. Thanks for letting us know! If I have the time, I'll definitely stop by.... my wallet may be closed due to the Charles David sale, so we'll have to see! Thanks again!

  5. The prices are normally really great. :yahoo:

    For example, during the last warehouse sale shirts were only $6, dresses $12, sweaters range from $10-$24 and shoes/boots were $10-$18.

    I think the postcard that they sent me stated that it was $17 for jeans and dresses...

    As for how packed it can get - well it is at the warehouse, so there is a lot of room and personally, I don't think that too many people showing up is a real issue. Besides, the prices are so great that it's worth the wait if thats the case anyway.. :yes:
  6. I'm sold.. I will try to make it
  7. went last yr, the prices were great, try to arrive early as theres always a line to get in. However most things there were too "trendy" items. still picked out a few things tho....
  8. Does anyone know when the sale will take place this year?
  9. Is the sale this coming sat?
  10. I got a voice mail from LF inviting me on Friday(today)....


  11. Can you provide information on the dates and location?
  12. The phone calls were not for the warehouse sale but notifications of the stores going on sale.