La La Loot!

  1. Here is the Amarante Sunset and my new damier passport cover:yahoo: Which means, I'm gonna be travelling more:tup: in the LV tradition...

    Also, with the new Manolos and Dolce and Gabbana dress, it's HARD to take pics of yourself...

    Just saw a girl in line with the stratus! I HAD to go up to her and tell her she had a fabulous bag. She doesn't even know LV, but saw it in a mag and had to have it and found it when she went to Beverly Hills, she made me stand there while her husband got off the phone, and I had to tell him that his wife has great taste and a fabulous bag from "an LV collector".... hehe, that was soooo fun!;)

    here's pics..
    cropped Sunset.jpg Post 2 Sunset Dolce.jpg Damier Passport.jpg
  2. V, you are looking HOT HOT HOT!!! Great outfit! You are rocking that bag, the dress and the shoes!:love: And YAY for travelling more!!!:yahoo:
  3. And, I adore my azur speedy 25 with mini pochette and lavender cles dangling... Can't get enough of this combo, so here's more pics! And, last one of Amarante Sunset...
    Post Azur Dolce.jpg Post Back Azur Dolce.jpg Post Sunset Dolce dress.jpg

  4. That means a lot coming from one hot mama like yourself! Thanks sweetie, 50 is coming way too soon:pGotta work it while I gots it....:smile:
  5. Congrats! Everything looks terrific!
  6. Congrats!
    That dress is so pretty!
  7. omg so pretty! wow wow wow
  8. Those shoes are KILLER!
  9. Thanks ya'll!
  10. congrats, I love it all.
  11. Love your outfit!!
  12. You look great in everything! Congrats!
  13. I love everything, congrats!
  14. Veronika, you look HOT! Love the sexy shoes...I wish I could wear shoes like that!! Congrats girl! :smile:
  15. :drool: