LA LA Land Meeting anyone???

  1. Hi... It looks like it's been a while since the Los Angeles ladies have gotten together. Anyone interested in meeting??? I would love to go shopping with you guys!!
    Let's find a date that works and plan it....:yahoo:I want to devirginize myself to the world of H and who else to do it with than you lovely ladies:lol:;)
  2. Hellooooooo.... anyone out there???
  3. Hi hbr, I am sure our west coast girls will respond soon... probably out shopping!!... as I should be!
  4. Hi Rose. Thanks for responding.... I was gettin' a little worried about my west coast gals :smile: I think it would be fun to set up a meeting somewhere, no? Have you guys done this before? How did it work out?
  5. hbr, yes, we have done it quite a few times. We have had two large meetings in NYC (I am on the east coast). I also went to one in Las Vegas last year and meet up with the NJ/NYC girls for lunch as often as we can. I have made so many wonderful friends here, most of the ladies I have met from this board are truly amazing irl.
  6. Sounds like fun! Hopefully we can set up another gathering soon.... :smile:
  7. Ideas for a location?
  8. I know this is a long way off but if you have one in May/June time frame, I'd love to attend. I'll be there for business over a period of about 8 days, will have a car & can be flexible.
  9. I think there is an LA meetup being planned for Feb. 8th, at the Beverly Center.

    I can't find the thread, but I emailed somebody about it! :upsidedown:
  10. YES!!!!! There is a LA/BH get together coming up soon. See my link below for all the details.
  11. ocmommy, from what I can gather this is a meeting of tPF lovers of all brands and is not strictly Hermes in nature. Since there is no Hermes at Bev Center, I think I am correct.

  12. Yes, you are correct it is a general tPF get together. It is much easier to meet up at the Beverly Center and then carpool over to Rodeo. So we will be hitting up Hermes on Rodeo also.
  13. ^^Thanks for the clarification! Sounds like fun!
  14. I have sent out Evites for the SoCal get together. Anyone who would like to join us and meet other purse lovers please EMAIL me and I will send you an Evite.