La La La La La La La La...I've just bought something!!!

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  1. ...was bidding on the Bay of E, but couldn't risk being out bid...
    so I've done a buy it now!!!

    Hope to be here Wednesday!?!?!

  2. Excellent! What did you get?!
  3. oh congrats!
  4. oo lucky you, please tell...
  5. You;re going to make us wait aren't you!! xx
  6. now tell us what you won!
  7. Don't make us wait til Wednesday!!!
  8. Oh this is so cruel - we have to wait until Wednesday to know what you've bought!!??
  9. I'm going to bed now. I expect a full confession by the time I log in tomorrow morning! :P
  10. I want to know before I go to bed - please???
  11. :faint: I don't know if I can make it to Wednesday, the suspense!!!

    What did you doooo? :lol:
  12. Don't make us wait till Wednesday. Pretty Please!!!
  13. Congratulations!!! I know that you've been twitchy to buy something for a while now. Am so glad that you have seen something that you love and now it is yours!! What did you go for? Or do we have to wait till Wednesday to find out, lol xx
  14. oooh thats just mean!! :biggrin:

    we need details!!!
  15. Where's she gone?