La la la .. got my Alexa oak .. here to allay your fears with pictures!

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  1. I got mine from, so I had NO control over which bag I got, which leather I got, whether it was nicer than the other etc. Mostly because I don't have a Mulberry store near me. :sad:

    I love it! Someone suggested I could use it as a bicycle satchel - I guess it would look fantastic - but for now I think I'd like to use it as a handbag!

    The colour is beautiful, I'm so pleased I got the oak instead of the black. I know black is classic but heck, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

    Now I want the oversized Alexa!

    By the way I drew on the futuristic sunnies, in case anyone was wondering. Excuse the smug expression. :smile:



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. congrats, it really suits you. Glad you got a nice grain/leather too.
  3. That's beautiful one!! Congrats :biggrin: Looks great on you.
  4. It looks really lovely on you! Well done. :supacool:
  5. It looks amazing on you Claypot. So pleased your happy with your purchase. ENJOY:tup:
  6. Congratulations on a lovely bag - you look great together!
  7. It's lovely! Enjoy your new Alexa. :smile:
  8. Beautiful! A really rich colour. X
  9. it's lovely! Hope you enjoy her :smile:
  10. Oo congrats it suits you perfectly
  11. Congratulations, it suits you so well!
  12. So beautiful! Looks great on you! I am really craving an Alexa! One side of me says get the Bayswater because so many have complained about the quality of Alexa but I know for my everyday style, the Alexa would be better for me because of the long strap (I have two little kiddos).

    How do you feel about the quality of your bag? Is it what you expected or do you feel your bag was worth the price, quality-wise? TIA!
  13. Lovely!!!! Congrats. I am loving the drawn on shades!!

    Hiswifetheirmom, I have a bayswater for work and a regular Alexa for casual. If you have to carry a lot, definitely go for the bays. It's much sturdier. My Alexa is good quality and lovely leather but I wouldn't put too much in her as the strap is quite thin and would dig in. Or consider a NVT messenger bag like the Anthony messenger if you need something really practical
  14. amazing Alexa, looks great and the leather is fantastic
  15. Congrats on a lovely Alexa, she suits you very well!