LA girls - any store have EB yet?

  1. I'm on the waitlist for EB but REALLY want to see it in real life. The photos/comments so far are kind of all over the place. :s Looks like french blue but then others say it's much darker.:shrugs:
    So has anyone seen it IRL at Barneys or even Neiman's in Newport?
  2. I'm not in LA (but definitely wish I were!) but I was at NM in Atlanta yesterday and saw an EB and it was the color I was going after until I saw it. It is really dark imo and I didn't care for it much. Just too dark for me....but in some of the pics I've seen on tpf, it looked much lighter. Guess you will have to see it in real life. :s
  3. That's why I really want to see IRL. I'm not really a blue person anyway so I want to make sure it's for me.
  4. Exactly! You definitely need to see it IRL and you will know if it is for you. I bought my first 07 Black City from Barney's on Wilshire in September and now I have 3 bbags!!!!

    I have found for me, if I walk in and one bag jumps out at me and I fall madly in love with it, then that is the one for me. It just happened to me at NM here in Atlanta yesterday. As I posted earlier, I went in to see that Electric Blue bag and the Sky Blue (which is really not a very light blue) with the GSH jumped out at me and I absolutely could not lay it down!! That is how I know which one is for me. Sounds like you have a plan and do let us know what you decide. :tup:
  5. I will be going to NM in Newport this weekend in hopes of seeing EB! I will let you know if they have any.
  6. Thanks, Kirsten! And if they don't can you ask them when they think they will be getting some in?
  7. ^Sure thing! :yes:
  8. yay, kirsten!! :woohoo:you'll save me a trip and some $$. ;)
  9. just dropped by NM in Fashion Island today and the EB is in. The Sky Blue is also in... in fact... they had the sky blue in both the city and the first, but only the city in EB. So after seeing both colors, I've come to the conclusion that Sky Blue can be likened to the UCLA blue while EB is more like the Duke blue. (if you're into college bball you'll kinda know what i mean.)

    They also have a variety of vert thymes and some vert forets I'm guessing from last season. There was one Jaune bag as well as the pinks. Plenty of whites... the one that I really loved was the Sahara... a beautiful beige leather that practically shimmers. :heart::heart:
  10. I love Duke Blue. :heart:

    what Jaune was there?
  11. Thanks for the report! Oh.. now I have to drive down there! Duke blue is good!
  12. Yay, they have EB! I'm going tomorrow to check it out. Tomorrow is payday for me too but I must behave! Boo! Behave for now at least!
  13. oh, this is dangerous info! :sweatdrop:
  14. I know... maybe I shouldn't have started this thread!:rolleyes:
    I feel like a crazy Balenciaga junkie driving an hour to just look at a purse!
  15. hey simona, i drive down fr la too. maybe we can alternate carpools? then we will be two crazy junkies driving down for fix. :jammin: