La Femme aux Semelles de Vant

  1. Many of you must have seen the beautiful shawls previewed by Luxury Wichita named "La Femme aux Semelles de Vent"
    These shawls were made to celebrate Alexandra David- Neel, a most famous French explorer who traveled all over the world but is probaby most well known for her experiences in Tibet where she became a Tibetan Lama. She wrote extensively about her experiences and her biography and bibliography can be seen on this site:

    I hope you enjoy finding ou about her as much as I have.
  2. Sorry for the typo in the title it's "vent" and not "vant".
  3. Jane225, thank you for the link! Very interesting!

    Do you know who the scarf's artist is?
  4. No sorry! Luxury Wichita might know though.
  5. I found out on another thread, it's believed to be Aline Honore.
  6. Jane225, thanks for the info and link!
  7. :ty: Jane225.
  8. Thank you Jane! What an amazing woman ~ how wonderful that H made such a beautiful scarf in her honor!
  9. Really interesting,thank you!
  10. I love the scarf thanks for that, very intersting lady H did good
  11. Thanks for the link! What an amazing I love the scarf even more!!!
  12. The shawl portrays her outside Lhasa, the forbidden city. What a great way to honour a marvelous woman! Like Duna, I love the scarf even more now that I know a little about her.

  13. Ditto everything you said, Polaremil. I thought the shawl was gorgeous and now knowing the history behind it, makes me really, really want it.
  14. Thank you for sharing this link, Jane225. I can't wait for the shawl to make it to my local store...I think my SA said it should be in later this month!
  15. You are all welcome. Glad you found it interesting.