"La Fea Mas Bella"

  1. I know there's an "Ugly Betty" thread, but I searched and couldn't find one for its Mexican counterpart, so I thought I'd start one, as "La Fea Mas Bella" is a completely different show in many ways.

    I don't know Spanish, but my BF is fluent, and two or three times we've watched episodes and he translated them for me. We watched an episode last night and he told me that it was the final one.

    Has anyone else, especially you forum members of Mexican/Spanish origin/ancestry/descent, followed the show or watched it frequently? I'm just curious, because I LOVE the American version (it's one of my favorite shows) and I'm interested in knowing how people who can actually watch the show and understand what's going on feel about it, and how it compares to the American version.

    If they rerun the episodes of "La Fea Mas Bella" I'll continue to watch them, if for no other reason than to "brush up on" my non-existent Spanish skills!
  2. The best one by far was the original "betty" from Colombia: "Betty La Fea". This was the soap that started it all.

    Whats strange is that i went to colombia in 2005 and that soap was over in the states and in colombia they've never heard of it.
  3. I thought its counterpart was Betty la fea...? :confused1:
  4. As NYCBelle said, the original soap was "Betty La Fea", originally from Colombia. Because of the great success it was here in Mexico, they did the remake with local actors/actresses and they called it "La Fea Mas Bella" (The Prettiest Ugly One; I know, stupid huh?) and I think at the same time Salma Hayek started production for Ugly Betty.

    I've seen all three (lol what a geek!) and I find that Ugly Betty is the best one by far. I think it's much more fun.