LA Dry Cleaner recommendations for H silk?

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  1. Does anyone know of a good dry cleaner in LA/Westside? I need to get a few twilly's dry cleaned and don't want to take any chances with someone who doesn't have H silk experience.

    I went to the H BH store and they said they send their silks to NY to be dry cleaned. I really would like to keep it local so I thought I'd ask here!
  2. sorry... bumping hoping that someone has a recommendation.
  3. I believe Margaret's now has a location in Westwood. I use their Newport Beach location. I'm pretty sure all the work is set to their main facility in San Diego. I have had them clean a couple of scarves. The first time -- meh. The second time -- perfect. Be very, very clear if there are any stains needing removal. Stress that you do not want the hems crushed. And I specified that I wanted the original fold pattern followed. If memory serves me, it is $36 to clean a 90. Perhaps a twilly will be less.
  4. Leonard's in West Hollywood- I have gone there for years and they know not to press the rolled hems flat. The staff is extremely helpful and will work with you with stains, etc. I understand Doheny Cleaners is also good but have not used them. My SA at BH (who is no longer there) used to recommend both of these cleaners- I guess current SAs do not know about local cleaners or have been told to only recommend Tie Crafters.

    It is beyond me why the boutiques continue to recommend Tie Crafters in NYC- not only are they expensive but they do not do a very good job handling the silks with care. Also, if you want to cut out the middle man (ie., Hermes), Tie Crafters will deal directly with you- just contact them through their website. But really there is no need to ship your items to NYC- I would just go to Leonard's.

    Prices about a year ago: To clean a twilly is $8 or so, 90CM twill, c/s or mous- $12 and GM is around $20.