La Donna Mary Jane Sizing

  1. Hi Folks,

    This is our first be nice! lol

    My wife has fallen in love with CL La Donna Mary Janes, and who can blame her. Here's the thing - this will be her first pair of CL's and we have no idea how the sizing runs. In other designers her size varies:

    Jimmy Choo - 39.5 (a bit tight), 40.5 (Sybil slingbacks - just right) and 41 (Smooth Sandals - a bit big)

    Manolo Blahnik - 40 (Campari Mary Janes - just right)

    Michael Kors - 10 (Cha Cha & Patty)

    So, the question is, will the La Donna size 40 (10B) at Neiman Marcus fit her???

    Please help, we doubt they will be around for long as Neiman Marcus have only just got this size in stock again!

    Thanks in advance, Penfold
  2. i have the manolo campari mary janes and sz 40 fit me perfectly. did she get patent leather? i generally size half a size up in addition to compensate for the patent leather, esp. in pointy-toe shoes, but i got black patent leather manolo mary janes in a 40 and they fit me perfectly, so i'd say the la donnas in 40 should fit her well too.
  3. Penfold, I don't have the La Donna, but I know some ladies on this forum do so hopefully they answer soon.

    But, they may fit so I would go ahead and order them quickly before they sell out again. Those were definitely a return so I would jump on them before the size sells out again. Use SHOPNM for free shipping too.

    Do you have a local NM around you? Even if you don't, ALWAYS return by sending a return back to the closest NM to you. This is what I do (the closest one to my parent's house is about 2 1/2 hrs away) and they process them very quickly. DO NOT send it back to the NM online warehouse whatever you do. LOL They will literally take a month to credit your card. Or, if you have a local NM, then just return it there and you will get an immediate credit.

  4. ^^ oh my gosh, you know i wish i read all the complaints on here about returning to NM online warehouse before i actually did just that. it's been like almost 2 months and no refund yet. i used their smartlabel too (which now i know is a huge mistake because it's completely untrackable) and they claim the label hasn't even been now i have to file a lost parcel claim and wait forever for them to "investigate." horrible.

    sorry to have gotten off track! but yeah, 40 is a popular size i think, so order em immediately! you can always return...
  5. ^^^Yep, during the summer sales, I made the mistake of returning a couple of Gucci handbags by smartlabel and never again. It took over a month to get a credit but meanwhile there was thousands to pay on the credit card bill.

    From now on, I wait to take them to my nearest NM or I just ship it back to the same NM I shop at w/ signature confirmation and insurance. I usually get a credit within 5 days of MAILING it. Customer service in store is completely a different story than NM online. Oh, and I always call a few days after I see on USPS online that it was signed for. That way I confirm that the credit was processed.

    Saks online by far has the best return system as far as online purchases go. I usually get a credit within a week of sending them and even during the busy holiday season, the max it took was 14 days.

    Sorry, back on topic...I would definitely get them Penfold b/c CL sizing is so erratic. I am a US 9 and have shoes from a 39 to a 40.5 and I have some shoes that are the same exact shoe just in different colors and a 39.5 and a 40.5 fit. LOL What size US is your wife? I am guessing maybe a 9.5/10 from the sizes you gave of the other brands.

    And, you are a nice husband by the way. I hope my future husband realizes my love of shoes. My SO does, but he is in medical school like me so has no $$$ right now. lol
  6. Penfold, you are so sweet to find these shoes for your wife. I think that you should order them and see how they fit, as others mentioned, you can always return if they are not a perfect fit. But as you stated, you should act quickly becuase I doubt that shoe will be posted on for very long. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

    Rainy/Asha - I couldn't agree more. returns via smartlabel are awful. I prefer visiting BG and getting a refund immediately in the store. I think that in general leaves much to be desired in the CS department, interesting considering that they supposedly built their business because of stellar customer relations. During their recent 100th anniversary, all their promotional materials emphasized their CS, but I guess operates differently.
  7. Hi Penfold, I have these CLs and they are TTS - comparable to Manolos. Go for the 40!
  8. Hi folks,

    Thanks to all of you for your responses...I will order the 40 today, one note though, we are in the United Kingdom, so returns will be all important to us in case they don't fit. There is nowhere in the UK with this style in stock at the moment.

    Wish me luck!

  9. You are such a dear and good luck!~! We REALLY appreciate hubbys who understand our shoe addictions!!
  10. Thank you all for your help but I fear it is not to be! I have just had a response from what we in the UK call 'Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs', and after import tax and local sales tax (17.5%) these babies are going to cost me close on $900! That's even with a very favourable exchange rate...I can't tell you how disappointed we are.

    So, with a heavy heart we say thanks to you all...keep enjoying your CL's and keep posting those pics. Who knows, next vacation may be somewhere near a NM?


  11. ^Sorry to hear that.
  12. A quick update!

    NM had a pair in size 11 (41), luckily we had a friend who was traveling to Colorado so she brought them back!

    So here they are...wonderful aren't they????

  13. Penfold, show us some modeling pics!!!
  14. ^^they are gorgeous!!!i'm still waiting for a pair to appear on my size..i check nm/bg site everyday like a mad woman!lol
  15. Glad to see you could get them! I recently got them myself.

    NM will have a size and then not have it so you have to keep checking back. The first time I ordered them they canceled my order, but now I'm sort of glad they did because the first pair was a 35 and I ended up getting a 35.5, which wasn't available when I first saw them. I think the 35 would have been too tight.