La Dona Watch

  1. Do you like it?
  2. i really dont like it. and ive seen both sizes and nope not a fan. I love the pasha better.
  3. Not personally one of my favourite Cartier watches. Can't really get excited about it.
  4. i love love love it. there is something so unusual and dramatic about it :yes:
  5. me no likey! sorry it's just...strange looking
  6. :tup:
  7. I prefer the Divan but a watch is such an individual style really shouldn't matter if anyone likes it but you.
  8. i do like it, im currently on the fence as to which is nicer, the tank or la donna. both are equally nice to me, just that la donna would probably be less common!
  9. My first impression was that I disliked it intensly. But, when I saw it in the diamond version I could see the beauty in it as a dress watch. Its not something that I have on my wish list personally.
  10. I like it. I think it's very unique and elegant.
  11. I actually like it. I just purchase this watch a couple of weeks ago and thought it's such a beautiful watch and unique looking
  12. I think it's ok...sort if interesting. I tried it on, but I don't think people with small wrists could wear it because it would need too many links taken out and then the sides wouldn't match...
  13. I think it's very unique looking. But personally, on my small wrist, it looks a bit off. I prefer the Ballon Bleu or the Tortue in white gold with diamonds.
  14. Then it is a no no for me,I have a very small wrist