LA! Did she come yet?!?!?

  1. Need to see your bag :nuts:
  2. YES HURRY PLEASE!!! I need to know the correct measurements so I will know whether to order the Small or Medium. LET US KNOW
  3. I've been MIA...what bag are we talking about??:graucho:
  4. Her Heritage Pink med. tote that is suppose to be here today
  5. We want to see. She forced me into ordering one of my own :angel:

  6. Rin told me hers in the small style no 11349, I am only 5"2 so I think this will be fine for me BUT I am waiting for LA to tell us the measurements on the MED. HEY... maybe she fainted with excitement...:lol:
  7. I think she's at her parents. OMG I can't wait to see the medium!
  8. I remember her saying that but I thought she said she'd hop on to to check...
  9. She said she'd post:

    Hey everyone!!!!! I'm going home tomorrow until the 30th.....(I had my lovely new bag sent to my mom and dad's...hehehe....I wasn't waiting!) so this will be the last time I log in until probably the 27th after my bag I just wanted to say..

    LA WHERE ARE YOU? :lol:
  10. We could have a party here while we wait!

  11. Oh gosh Im so looking foward to seeing this.:wlae:
  12. Can I join the party?
  13. ^^ Yeppers!! I grabbed a coke and some chocolate covered milano cookies! YUMMY!
  14. I'm here!!!! Where are you, LA??????
  15. Yum, I'm getting munchie, too!:popcorn:
    Maybe some music? :jammin: