La Danse du Cheval-Vanilla and Light Blue

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  1. Hello Ladies:

    I am looking for La Danse Du Cheval in the Light Blue and Vanilla Colorways. I just called the Wall Street Store and the SA did a search in the database. Apparently, it is sold out and not being restocked at H Stores.

    Please let me know if you see any of these two colorways.

  2. Do you mean the one with lavender in it?
  3. Hello Hermes Nuttynut:

    Yes, the ice blue with the lavender. Have you seen it? I also need a photo for my search. Have not seen any photos. CynthiaNYC has one, but she posted a photo wearing it. I posted and asked her for a photo.

    I also called BG and they don't have it. NM did not order it.

    Do you have one? Can you post a photo?

  4. I had one, but I exchanged it for an orange one with the blue.
  5. Do you know where I can find one? If you hear of any member selling one, please PM me.

    BTW, I am also looking for the Fleurs D'Hiver in Grey/Silver. I think it is also sold out. Have you seen any lately? BG does not have it either. Have not called NM.

    If you see any of the other scarves on my signature, please PM me.

  6. Attached Files:

  7. Maybe try calling the Hermes 800 number, and request the scarf by the item number shown on the tag hummingbird posted. They can check the inventory in different places or recommend an Hermes store that may have one.

  8. Thanks HN! I called, but it is sold out and they will not be restocking, even though it is a scarf from this season.
  9. Hummingbird:

    Thanks for the pics! It is lovely!! HS, BG and NM don't have this scarf. How can I find one?

    If you also know where to find any of the scarves on my signature, please PM me.

    Again, thanks for the pics!!:tup::flowers: