LA Craigslist 5 Bbags for sale

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  1. Yep, that's a PFer. They're authentic and nice bags too.
  2. Love that apple green day.
  3. Yeah the bags look gorgeous.
  4. I'm really surprised that no one grabbed them when they were on ebay. Good Luck Liz!
  5. that 05 rouge city looks fab!! good luck, lizlikeshugs!
  6. Is she selling 4 or 5 B-bags? I only saw 4 B-bags in her pictures... :confused1:

    Good luck Liz!
  7. Thanks everyone :flowers:

    I don't have photos of the 5th bag yet which is a CB Twiggy. I'm sad to let that one go since I thought I wanted that one for a very long time, but then I noticed I was jealous of my friend's Chocolate Twiggy I got for her whenever we carried our twiggy's.
  8. :roflmfao::P:P
  9. I know, I'm so bad!! :P

    I'm just glad my BF's mom doesn't bring out the 04 Marron Weekender I got her when I'm around too much, otherwise I would be envious of her too! I miss that bag too now that I think about it....Although I am allowed to borrow it when I want to :nuts: