LA boutique has nickel hardware!

  1. I just ordered an amethyst large multi-pocket with nickel hardware from the MJ boutique in LA! Found out they also have the following with nickel hardware:

    Stella in Navy
    Sap Green Large Multi-Pocket
    Blake in Thistle
    Blake in White
    Zip Clutches in washed rose and other colors

    Stella, the person I spoke with in LA, was MOST helpful, so if you want one of these items, please ask for her! She emailed me pix of the bags before I ordered over the phone!
  2. ^ Congrats on your Amethyst bag. =)

    I buy my bags from Stella as well, she's awesome; I highly recommend her! I believe that 'Stella in Navy' is New Stella (with pushlocks) in Dk Indigo (Fall 04 color), I was told that this particular bag at the LA store has aqua stitching.
  3. Yes, you are right! Beautiful bag!
  4. Hi Bag this looks like my new tote in eggplant from the same time. Is that what this really is?? mags
  5. New Tote and New Stella are not the same bag, they are from different lines as well. Some people think that New Tote looks very similar to Stella (brass buckles) and/or NewStella (pushlocks). New Tote has straps with buckle closures on each end side.
  6. I wonder what color ZCs are available!?
  7. Bag-addict, may I ask what you paid for the Large multi-pocket? Thanks
  8. When I talked to her yesterday, they had Peacock Blue, Washed Rose, Thistle, and Bark (all w/nickel hardware).

  9. Thanks! I have a caramel/camel-colored ZC, and will continue my search for spearmint, teal, cherry blossom, or butter.

    I did a quick search, but couldn't find bark. Sounds like a medium-to-dark brown?
  10. I've attached a picture of my Bark Sophia. It's a medium brown with a bit of red, without being red at all...just a different shade of brown. I really love it.
  11. ^ Bark also has luscious burgundy suede interior.
  12. Just wanted to jump in and give another shout out for Stella, the SA at the LA Boutique. She really is fabulous, and always so willing to help.
  13. Not to hijack the thread, but Stella is amazing.
    Is the nickel hardware coming back or are these bags just older stock?
  14. ^ At this point the ones with nickel hardware are from prior seasons. :sad:
  15. Thats too bad, I don't dig the gold. :sad: