LA/Bev Hills Question! :)

  1. hey girls .. [ guys too! ]

    .. ok, so i'm from san diego .. and i go to LA at least twice a year! .. & i'm taking a trip this week! yay! i :heart: LA! haha ..

    ok .. so i ALWAYS do the usual .. shop on rodeo .. hit up robertson blvd. .. pretty much just see the "musts" in hollywood! [ the shopping "musts!"]

    .. ultimately, i feel like i usually do the same 'ol stuff when i go .. and yes i :heart: it! .. but i'm trying to go and visit or see something i don't usually see .. [ & i'm kinda having a total brain freeze when it comes to thinking of places, right now!]

    so i was wondering for the people who live near there .. or go and visit quite a bit, like me .. if u guys could throw some other ideas/places to go and see .. that way it's not the same 'ol trip that i usually take .. fun to spice it up a bit! haha ..

    sooorrry so long .. and THANKS IN ADVANCE! :smile:
  2. I tend to do the same thing... go to different shopping malls on the weekend. Well, you could do something cultural - go to the L.A. museums or the Getty Center.