LA anyone?? Need help!

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  1. ok, so i might be moving to LA soon! i just got a job offer, and having lived in TX almost my whole life, it seems like a great opportunity. ive never been to california, so im totally lost at where to even start looking for apartments! any suggestions? the job would be in downtown LA

  2. I'm from Los Angeles. If your job is downtown most people commute. I say the valley is a nice area, but the traffic is horrible in the afternoons. Another city can be Hollywood. Right now there are a lot of renovations so it's pretty good. You can check craiglist, my friend used and she said she found a lot of apartment listings. If you need more help pm me.
  3. Congrats on the new job.

    It really depends on your budget, that, unfortunately, will determine which neighborhoods you can look at on your own. But if you are willing to room with someone, then your chances of living in a better neighborhood are great.

    PM/ email if you need anything. Born and raised in LA, so definitely know my way around.
  4. I live in West Hollywood (big difference from Hollywood) and I love it here. The problem with LA it goes from good to bad area within a few blocks.

    Rents in LA can be crazy. There was a one bedroom where I live and it just rented for $1300 a month and that is cheap for the area. I have lived here for so long that with rent control what I am paying for a 2 bedroom is less then 1 bedrooms are going for.

    Good Luck
  5. If you're going to move to LA, then definitely move close to the beach. The westside area of LA is great. I'd suggest anywhere from Santa Monica/Venice west until La Cienega Blvd.

  6. Yes, I agree anything West of La Cienega is very nice and I would say anything North of Pico.
  7. Also make sure that the apt. has parking for you. The last thing you want to deal with is street parking :tdown:
  8. ive been hearing good things about west hollywood and westwood. are all these places considered to be part of los angeles? also, i wanted to live in an apartment community, where i would have a leasing office instead of a landlord. here in texas, most apartments are in complexes. anyone know of any apartment complexes i can consider that would be in a good area? i dont know anyone in LA, so i dont think i'd have a roommate (unfortunately) . my budget is $1000-$1400
  9. You might want to sign up on the Website My friend just got a place using them. I always see their signs in front of apartments.
  10. wait til you get there. LA is HUGE. good luck. I love west hollywood. I would love to have a second home there if I could afford it!
  11. Actually 1/2 of West Hollywood I love and the other 1/2 I don't think is that great. If you are considering West Hollywood I would recommend anything West of La Cienega. Just a warning about West Hollywood I am not sure if it is a problem for you but it is VERY gay.

    If you have moved out here by 10/6 I would like to invite you to your first TPF get together. See the link below.