LA and LV watching

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  1. I just wanted to share that I can't believe how much Louis I saw at the LA airport on my way to and from Hawaii this past week. It was just amazing. My DH was a little irritated because he was reading a book and I kept on saying, "ooh look at that and look what she's got." It was just so overwhelming because where I'm from you either see cheap bags from target or if there are higher end bags they are mostly fakes. There were lots of very well put together men as well and their bags looked great!

    Granted, I did see some bad imitation messes, but I saw a ton of mono bags in different designs and a plethora of speedies. Anyone else do a lot of staring at the airport looking for Louis? Not only did I see LV but I also spotted Tyra Banks which was sorta cool too and I would have liked to own everything she was wearing, lol.

    Anyways, just thought I would share.:smile:
  2. That's pretty cool. I am sure that I will be keeping my eyes peeled for LV in airports from now on too. Was Tyra surrounded by her entourage? I can't stand her but it must have been neat to see her regardless. You are so lucky you went to Hawaii! Did you have a great time?
  3. Actually, she only was with one guy whom I have no idea who he was. Was some white guy with gray hair dressed in a business suit. I loved Hawaii so much I wish I could live there but housing is a little too expensive for anything decent I would like at the moment. Definitely inspired me to want to move to a warmer climate though.
  4. Ohh thats awesome.. I would of loved to see all the Louis and Tyra! Love her show.. I too would LOVE to move to Hawaii.. my best friend actually is going to college at Hawaii Pacific.. I think its safe to say I'm a bit jealous!
  5. yeah when we first moved to LA we were surprised how many Louis bags I saw too. Especially since I shop in Beverly Hills and seems like every other girl is carrying an LV! and yeah, i'm always tell my DH "check it out, she has such-and-such bag!".

    It was a similar thing in Las Vegas this weekend at the Caesar's forum shops..saw tons of ppl with LV (especially with vernis items...i saw a Rosewood, a Houston, and a Roxbury :biggrin:). However at one of the outlet malls (which is further from the strip), most of the LV bags I saw were terrible fakes! :yucky: I saw the worst black MC speedy, and about 3 mono speedy "knockoffs" (i put knockoffs in quotes because it fleurs pattern was completely different, but it did say "LV" on them :confused1:).
  6. When I go shopping in NYC (live in the burbs) All you see are LV's and the LV fakes, hubby laughs when i say real, fake, fake, real lol
  7. I'm on CONSTANT lookout for LV!!! lol... Soooo exciting you got to see Tyra Banks!!! I LOVE her!!! I miss watching her show! On my current wishlist: a SUPERSIZED satellite dish so I can get all my American TV channels!!! lol... Glad you had an awesome time in Hawaii!! I was on Oahu back in 1997 - you're right - it's amazing how much more expensive things are there!
  8. That's one of the biggest perks of traveling. I love LV watching at the airports!!
  9. Yes living in Los Angeles I don't think a day goes by without seeing an LV
  10. I see a ton of LV here in Vegas, too. I've been seeing a lot of real lately which is a good thing!
  11. I think Tokyo probably has the most LV bags. A long time ago I heard a statistic on tv once that 90% of the women in Japan own an LV piece.