LA 7/14 Pre-Meet or Caravan

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  1. Hey everyone! Since there seems to be a good number of people coming from the OC area to the LA meet in July, I thought it'd be a good idea to set up a little "pre-meet" or caravan/carpool thing for some of us that can't drive or don't wanna drive that far. :smile:

    I'd like to set the meet location at Bella Terra in the Parking Structure behind the movie theater. It's the most centralized location that I can think of. I work at SCP and live in Westminster, so it's not like I favored Bella Terra for closeness or anything. Also, Bella Terra is right next to the 405, which is the freeway we'd need to get to Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive. :tup:

    Also, since BT's structure is free parking, and secured/monitored by surveillance & security and well lit, you're more than welcome to leave your car there (if you feel safe to do so) or you can get dropped off to arrange carpool!

    So anyway! If you are planning to attend please list your tPF name, and whether you would want to carpool, or drive, or drive and help carpool! I will PM everyone that needs a ride (wants to carpool) and anyone that wants to help drive. We may also be picking up other tPFers on the way there, so do be prepared to do some driving if you want to drive. Gas costs will be split among passengers to make things fair... we all know it costs an arm and a leg to drive out to BH.

    I will be posting periodically and checking the thread as much as I can to update when I get more info about the meet (time, location, etc). As soon as everything is finalized (I'm hoping by at the very latest, Thursday, July 12th), I will be PMing everyone my contact info just in case there are any problems/etc.

    I'll start! ;)

    1. Frozen7313, driving & carpooling!

    Please PM me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or post them here. :smile:
  2. Great idea!! Beljwl & I hope to get the evites out by the end of June!
  3. frozen7313 you are such a sweetie for offering this!!!
  4. Yay! :tup:
    Thanks, Frozen7313, for starting this thread!!

    I'm signing up as a passenger to carpool.
    I'm coming from Westminster, so don't know how I'll get to SCP yet, but will be there.
  5. Thank you, Frozen7313! I'm actually in San Diego, so I'm even farther from BH/ L.A. Driving (as long as someone helps navigate) and carpooling.
  6. i posted this in the other thread and i'll do it here just in case.. i won't be able to work on this premeet/caravan/carpool deal out with & for you guys!! I'll be at work the entire weekend for a HUGE floor-set that needs to be executed before 7/15 (sun). i'm sooooooo sorry you guys!!!
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