L Word

  1. Has anyone seen it?? im watchin it now... you know wht ok some scenes are a bit graphic. but overall i like it
  2. Yes I watched it!

  3. i watched season 1 and 2... its not just a bit... in my opinion is very graphic after couple of episodes i started fast forward graphic scenes
  4. I love it. It's such a hot show and the storyline is wonderful. I love how the beginning of the show ties in with the theme of the whole show.
  5. I liked it. We used to get Showtime On Demand that picked up the most recent season.

    Yes, the scenes were graphic, but I watched Queer as Folk when it was on and those scenes were pretty graphic, too. (woo hoo!)

    Queer As Folk had a lesbian couple who occasionally got intimate, but there's a difference between one couple and an entire series about lesbian couples.

    The storylines are great. I love how they don't show stereotypical 'butch' lesbians. I guess you'd say Moira / Mad was the most 'masculine' lesbian but I wouldn't call her butch. (How can you? She's transgendered.)

    My favorite relationship was Carmen and Shane. And I loved how incredibly difficult it was for Alice to get over Dana. (It got to the point where Alice wasn't even allowed to mention Dana's name anymore.)

    Watching it made me realize that while I think women are gorgeous, I would never want to be in a sexual relationship with one. (Well, I figured THAT out a while ago) but I get how women can be attracted to other women.
  6. I don't think The L Word's scenes are all that graphic...maybe I just haven't watched it in a long time? Most of it was 'heavy petting'? Lol

    Other than 1 pool scene in the last season. It doesn't seem to focus on sex as much as in the beginning. It will be interesting to see what happens next season.

    Caitlin- I was told in LA that even the butch women wear lipstick haha!
  7. I've only seen the first season of L Word so far, and I have to say, it was pretty graphic, especially the boy/sexually-confused girl sex scenes. As I don't like sex scenes that much, I simply fast-forwarded them. That's what DVDs are good for.
  8. i have only sen season one... ahhh so im curious to know about season 2. i love shane... totally love her.. hahah i like the charecter. exactly i usally get up to go to the kitchen when its overly graphic
  9. When I first started watching Queer As Folk (and the . . . 'scenes' that go on there) I was a little uncomfortable. Because I had never seen stuff like that before.

    I was like, 'They're showing this on TV!?!?!'

    As I got used to the series (and what it was about) I didn't mind them so much. Actually, I gradually got to think they were kind of hot!

    I don't get turned on by two women together. But I'm not uncomfortable, either. And I'm usally doing something else while I'm watching (The Purse Form or Myspace) so I occasionally look away from the screen. But I don't consciously go "Ew! Two women! Look away!"
  10. i really like it, although i find it can sometimes be very dark, like the scenes with jenny.
  11. Alice: Wanna come to my place? (Dana looks up at Alice.) Oh. Please. I am not that desperate.
    Dana: (laughing) F:censor: ck you, Alice, neither am I.
    Alice:Dana, I'm just --
    Dana: What?
    Alice: I'm just, I don't wanna be one of those people who sleeps with her friends.
    Dana: Neither do I!
    Alice:Right, okay! Let's not have sex!
    Dana: No, never!
    Alice: Okay!
    Dana: Never!

    Alice: (leaving a message for Shane) Shane! Where are you? It's really, really lonely here at The Planet and your roommates are over here saying "twat" like they have Tourette's Syndrome. Dana and Lara left, and all they were doing is giving me the "we f:censor: cked all night and no one else in the world matters" vibe. It was gross! Anyway, I wish you'd come be... surly and cynical with me. Bye!

    Dana: That's me, okay? I'm... I'm a lesbian!
    (Andrew looks at her weirdly with lust.)
    Dana: Don't look at me like that, okay? I don't wanna have sex with you and another woman, okay? I'd just... I would want to have sex with a woman, allright. I'm that gay.

    Shane: (to Dana) Hey, look, now that you're out big time, let's give you a mullet.
    Dana: What? No.
    Shane: Yes, c'mon, hockey hair, it'll be hot.
    Dana: No!
    Alice: I don't think she's ready to be a bulldyke, Shane.
    Dana: (to Alice) Thank you.
    Shane: Mmkay.

    Veronica Bloom: (to Shane) What are you dressed like? Are you the poster child for the under-nourished and gender-confused?

    Alice: So what were you saying about me?
    Dana: I thought you had great tits.
    Alice: You noticed my tits?
    Dana: Right away!
    (Alice laughs.)
    Dana: Oh, come on! They were like... (flaps with her hands) "Hello, there."
    Alice: They were talking to you? I mean, that's creepy!
    Dana: Whole conversation!

    Carmen: (about Shane's Quinceañera dress) Oh my god! You look like you're five!
    Carmen giggles hysterically while Shane looks really sullen.
    Shane: I feel like a piñata.
    Carmen: You're too small to be a piñata but how about the top of a tranny wedding cake.

    Carmen: How 'bout we help you with your bags.
    Moira: Oh, you girls just relax and let us butches unload the truck. Come on, Shane.
    Carmen: (mock-serious, to Shane) Big butch! Go unload the truck!

    Carmen: At least we didn't get our names tattooed.
    Shane: That'd be the ultimate K.O.D., wouldn't it?
    Tattoo Artist: K.O.D.?
    Shane / Carmen: (simultaneously) Kiss of death.

    Carmen: (talking about the dream she had) You were giving a tattoo to Cherie Jaffe. Like the one that we have that's on the back of our necks. Why did you do that?
    Shane: (dumbfounded and half asleep) Do what?
    Carmen: Give her a tattoo!
    Shane: I didn't!
    Carmen: That was something that's really sacred to us, that's just between us.
    Shane: But I -- I didn't give it to--
    Carmen: Goddammit, Shane! That's so f:censor: cked up!

    (Dana tripping.)
    Tegan & Sara: Do you know who's a lesbian? Dana Fairbanks.
    Dana: I am not!
    Shane: What?
    Dana: Huh?
  12. OMG! I am a HUGE fan of this show and I have BIG news!!!!!
    Anyone remember Shanes Quinceañera dress???

    I OWN IT!!! I just bought it off Ebay for a Showtime Charity auction!
  13. Oh my GOD! I remember that episode! It was Carmen's quince dress and Shane tried it on. She looked ridiculous in it!

    (Post a picture, please!)
  14. Did you see her in Law & Order: SVU? She played Cheryl Avery in an episode called Fallacy.

    At a party, a young woman is assaulted in the bathroom, and her assailant ends up dead. The girl leaves the ambulance before SVU can talk to her. Is this a case of self-defence, or something far more complex?

    It was a powerful episode.