L-V Women's 2007 spring shoe collection!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. TDF!I love them all!But then again I have a fetish for shoes!:lol:
  5. I saw the denim wedges and was soo tempted.
  6. i love them all too! especially the first set. so classy!
  7. :drool: thank you for posting!! Does anyone know the name of the white MC little bag? is it a clutch or a accessory bag??
  8. The last pair would go GREAT with a Sienne Suhali bag.. :drool:
  9. Wai bb thank you =]
  10. No problem!! :smile: :smile:
  11. The second last one is so nice!! how much?
  12. I got my Grenadines (Ebene in signature pic, but shone in pink above) :biggrin:
  13. The Ajaccio's 630$CAD
  14. I love the Mini Lin Dune Shoes!!!