L.V. is honestly getting on my LAST nerve.

  1. As some of you know, I was looking to buy a bag before the supposed price increase came along. Well I ended up purchasing the Aurelia GM Noir yesterday. I had to call the customer service line because there was no stock of them except for in a few remaining boutiques. Well I ended up ordering from the Chevy Chase store. I asked for overnight shipping. Well today comes and there's no bag. It was a PROBLEM with FedEX, but Louis Vuitton's manager at Chevy Chase wasn't trying to help me locate the bag. He would not give me any information except for the fact that the bag was shipped on the 19th. "Okay.. so when's it going to come," I asked the guy. He told me he would call me back. Well I waited a few hours and he never called. I called the customer service line and the representative called the store and asked them what was going on. He told her the same thing and the woman told me that at 7:05, the store was closed... but yet she got in contact with a manager and came back with no information? Something isn't right here. I honestly think that they need to better their service. I am not one who complains, unless I really have to and this is unfair. I paid extra for overnight shipping. I didn't even care that much that it wasn't here today, I am mad because no one really tried to help me. So after I hung up with the customer service line, I called FedEX. FedEX told me that the freight in New Jersey was late and that caused the late arrival to Massachusetts. The representative also gave me the tracking number for the bag, because she understood that spending large amounts of money can leave you a bit frantic when you don't have the item(s) you paid for on time. Geesh... what to do? I think once the bag comes tomorrow, I will be complaining. One of the problems with their service is that they are TOO afraid of losing out to other customers. I have gone into many stores and you can be talking to an associate and they will give something for you to look at and then run over to someone else who is looking for something. You would think that if you were a regular customer, buying things once a month, that you would get some respect. They need to stop worrying about being so "busy" and work on serving the customers that really want, buy and appreciate their products. :cursing:

    Anyone else have problems like this? :confused1:
  2. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time to play telephone relay. The manager probably called FedEX and got a lot of waiting or redirecting, so she/he couldn't call u back immediately. I don't know.

    It seems the fault of FedEX more than anyone's.

    Good luck. Give em hell!
  3. Yup, it seems to be FedEx's fault. Sit down, take a breather, and give LV a second chance.
  4. Whether it's FedEX's fault or not.. Louis Vuitton chose them as their courier so they are partly responsible. I am sorry but if I own a business, I am not going to tell customers that I am going to call them back and then not do it. What does that say about your feelings for your customers? I am not mad that it's coming late.. I am mad that L.V. tried to act like they didn't have any information regarding the bag.
  5. Alright, I wasn't the only one then. I NEVER ever got any form of tracking number from LV whatsoever with my phone orders. I mean, really, are they not capable of giving out tracking numbers to customers? If they can just give me the tracking number, I'm more than happy to sit in front of the computer and keep hitting refresh, than getting frustrated at someone in the customer service on the phone.

    I'm pretty annoyed for the first few times. Somehow I managed to just wait - "yea it'll come sooner or later". In my case it doesn't really make a difference. Nobody's at home during the day. Bloody Fedex would try to deliver my package 3 times, giving me 3 stickers/heartaches, before I can go to their office during a weekend. :hysteric:
  6. I think I know exactly who you talked to (I'll PM you the name). Yes, that guy is a total a**. I am a VERY good customer of LVs and I had some of my worse shopping experiences with him when my SA was out of town or unavailable. I am willing to bet money on it that he didn't bother to call FedEx. His attitude towards me was so bad the last time I was there that the Store Director personally called me to apologize. So, it's really not you, believe me, this guy and in general that store (with the exception of my SA) are just arrogant and unhelpful. It really is the worst service I've ever received from a designer boutique period. If you don't get an answer tomorrow, ask for the store director.

  7. Cindy:

    LOL... I love you. Thanks for cheering me up. HAHAHA.. and then the guy was even trying to tell me that he's trying to catch up because he was on vacation. I could give a rat's a** about him being on vacation... I wanna know where my bag is. LOL.
  8. I totally know what you mean. I ordered someone from the 866 number last Monday and requested overnight shipping, and it didn't come (to Massachusetts, also) until Thursday! Luckily though, I put up a fight and they refunded my shipping...good luck, I hope you love your new bag despite the wait!
  9. if this is the same guy then i would ask for a refund on your shipping. even though it was fedex's fault, he should've acted more professionally towards you in finding a solution to the problem.
  10. I ordered a bag and it took forever. I called LV 3 or 4 days in a row before someone finally gave me the tracking number. Then with 15 minutes I had everything figured out. I think they should give you the tracking number as soon as they have it.
  11. yup, I agree. Although I do think it's mainly FEDEX's fault, LV is indeed partially responsible, so you can just call back and ask for a shipping refund. THis is reasonable.
  12. EVEN though FEDEX was delayed (and they should refund the shipping.) The LV SA should have provided the tracking number. With that much $ in transit that should have been common sense, much less a polite sale. In not providing the tracking number the SA held himself as the point of contact between Fedex and the customer and then refused communication - poor service.