1. I don't know about any of you, but keeping up with everything coming out recently has me exhausted. Between Spring, Summer and now Pre-Fall, it's been a whirlwind (and an expensive one at that). Maybe I've really gotten into the products this year but I don't remember so many bags coming out in such a short time and I sure as heck don't recall Pre-Fall. Is it me?
  2. They've been doing pre-fall for awhile...but you are right...it has been very overwhelming this year....so much stuff and so little time!!!
    I was joking with my SA last time I was in and said I really need a horrible season so I can catch a breath and get caught up!
  3. I'm starting fall out of LoVe with LV bags. Seems like they have over saturated the market.
  4. I know what u guys mean!
  5. I know its dangerous aswell!! Like im finding myself putting my name down for the things that I really like. I cant afford to get every bag! So i just choose 1 from each season, and then some of the regular stuff! I am being really strict with myself! It would be sooo easy to get out of control! And its worse because LV keeps bringing out LE stuff!!! xx
  6. Umm..... I still want a Berkeley- but other than that.... ?? I just got into LV so I wouldn't be able to say that I've been flustered with all the new arrivals....
  7. Fall is going to kill me!!!!!!
  8. I agree with Frozen, I still want a Berkeley but so far, fall hasn't grabbed me yet.
  9. i feel the same way. especially recently, i'm not feeling as excited about LV things. it's sensory overload as well!!
  10. I am having a blast with all the new bags.