L&T reveal: Zig zag tote, Stanwich satchel, Patent satchel

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  1. Yesterday I got the remaining part of my L&T F&F sale. I had received the stanwich the day before but was waiting for the rest to do a reveal.

    I love all of them but especially the red Statwich. I love the contrast between the dark t-moro straps and the red.

    The zig zag tote is a bit bigger than the qvc tote. I'm took a few pics of them together so you can see the difference. I'd say the qvc tote smaller size makes it more usable as a handbag. The L&T tote is more for days you need to carry a lot of stuff. I'd be perfect for people that take a lot of stuff to the office or to use as a personal item when traveling.
    The patent tote is small but so cute and the leather feels so nice. Can't wait for a sunny day so she can go out!

    I also got a coach duffle. It's the embossed duffle in gray birch. Love the embossed leather on this one.

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  2. Love them but especially that red Stanwich!
  3. Oohhh MaryBel, nice reveal and review of the two chevron totes. Thanks for dong that comparison. I had seen your blue one in the store and knew it was a little different but didn't realize it was bigger than the qvc tote. I'm glad everything works out for you. You know I love that Stanwich! Are you keeping everything?

    Now the question is, what are you loading up first?

    Ps. I'm using my black chevron tote as my handbag today. You're right, it's not too big for that. :smile:

  4. Thank you! I agree, the Stanwich is just gorgeous!

    Thank you!
    It doesn't look like it is bigger but much but I guess a little bit on each side adds up because I felt the difference when I posed with them. The good thing is that even though blue zig is bigger, it's still lightweight!

    Yep, keeping all!
    Not sure which one to carry, but probably none of these yet. I just checked the weather forecast and we are getting rain for the whole weekend and some days next week, so I need to look into my weather friendly bags. I don't want to get water spots on those vachetta trims!
  5. I hear you! Bummer though.
  6. Lovvvve lovvvve tht zig zag
  7. Nice haul, MB! Enjoy your new beauties.
  8. Love them all!

  9. I have not decided yet but these are the options:
    Nylon smith: blue/jade or pink/royal
    Lambskin o-ring shopper fuchsia/navy
    Brahmin medium alden tote in aqua patent or pistachio patent
    coach peyton clover hobo
    nylon shopper in giraffe print

    Thanks GF! The black one is from QVC and the blue one from L&T. 25% off with the F&F going on. Many colors to chose :devil:

    Thanks Sarah!

    Thanks Houston!
  10. STOP with the bags already!!!! :girlsigh::

    They are all beautiful. Ah ha!!!!!!... I saw the Zig Zag in Macy's today and thought it was a bit bigger than the one on the Q. I tried it on and knew something was different. The 2 also show a couple differences. The Dooney logo are in different places, one has Vachetta trim on bottom and the other doesn't and how the straps are attached. Great way to have the same bag but not have the same bag, if that makes sense. Thanks for sharing your beautiful bags!! Love them all!
  11. Those are all beautiful! Congrats!
  12. What are the measurements of the blue Chevron tote? I love them all! Congrats!
  13. What great pictures, MaryBel!

    Thank you for showing us your new beauties!! :biggrin:

  14. Mary Bel and I need to have a swap the purse party. We could do it MB!