L&T FF sale

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  1. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about Lord & Taylor's friends and family sale - 25% off , including Dooneys. Code FRIENDS. I ordered the small Lexington in pink, under $129 shipped, no tax. :biggrin:
  2. I'm trying to order the small Lexington but it won't go in my cart. I can't decide between the carmel or the blue. haven't seen either color in person. any suggestions?
  3. how did you get it so cheap, I finally got one in my cart and put the friends code in but the total was $149.50?
  4. I ordered the red stanwich satchel for $207
  5. Thank you! I'm going to look.
  6. Thanks, Rosie. I never shop with L&T anymore; I've had two really annoying incidents with them and swore "never again."
  7. Here's the screenshot of the confirmation email - it's already shipped and same price. Maybe a mistake on their part? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397158888.962717.jpg

    No tax where I live and I have free shipping thru shop runner from Amex,

    Works on Coach too!
  8. Seems like when they're out of stock they won't go in the cart.
  9. Oooh, sounds nice!

  10. I think it's the whole site that doesn't work properly when they get too much traffic. I had to call to place my orders. I placed a second order for the patent domed satchel in blue and chevron tote in ...blue! you guess it!

    btw, stanwich already shipped! yay!
  11. You know that Chevron tote is a better deal than those as is on QVC! No wristlet, but you shouldn't have to worry that you'll get a messed up one.

  12. That's what I thought too! Besides it's not like the QVC wristlets are that nice (not like the ones sold at dept stores) and who needs another fob, and I agree, get a completely new.
    I had an order on QVC for the patent domed satchel 'as is' but it went to Backorder status, so I asked them to cancel it and got a new one from L&T.

  13. That was quick!

  14. And it will be here Wednesday! I Can't wait! I was getting excited thinking it was on Monday, silly me, was looking at the wrong tracking.
    I've been wanting this bag since I saw your pics! Every time I go to my outlet I check but no stanwich :nogood:

    I saw one 'as is' a few days ago and placed an order for it, but with tax ad shipping it was 267, so when I saw it at L&T, I went and cancelled the one from the Q and ordered it from L&T. Saved $60 and I'm not getting one 'as is'

    The blue chevron and blue patent satchel will be delivered on Thursday!
  15. My Dooney will be here Monday, thank goodness, cause I'm leaving for my daughter's home in Philly on Tues. The Kate Spade won't be here until Wednesday. Hubby will have to put all my packages up for me while I'm gone!:shrugs: I have some other stuff coming too, guess he is used to it by now!:wtf:

    Still thinking about another bag at L&T but I know I won't get to see it for two weeks, and I will be doing alot of shopping up there at all the marvelous stores! All we have here is Dillards and Belk so I love shopping up there!