L.Lohan, photo's from yesterday.

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  1. Direct linking isn't working.
  2. The first links did not work because they were hotlinked I suppose... the 2nd url you gave works- letme think about the bag, I'm not sure about the glasses though...
  3. the bag looks like gucci to me cuz of the bamboo zipper pull, but not sure
  4. it's the backside of this gucci from the new spring/summer collectino which retails for $1590 i think.......

  5. Yep, definitely Gucci. You can tell by the zipper pulls.
  6. Yup..it's Gucci. Spring/Summer Collection.
  7. like this gucci so much...I like also the guccissima but that looks as a winter bag...
  8. ...and I have the same camera. Ummm...if anyone wanted to know that!:P