L Lohan & Ashlee Simpson @ Cloverfield Premiere

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  3. ashley looks fantastic, and she does seem very clingy of that rocker boy.

    Linds looks pretty good. I dont like how her face isn't really even. I see some parts tan, and i see some parts not.
  4. I cant wait to see this movie, I just hope i dont get a headache like I did watching blair witch project, ya know with the video camera look and all. Anyhoo, I wish linds would go back to her red hair, she looks so washed out being a blonde, and I know thats kinda hard with all the fake and bake oompa lompa orange shade she is.
  5. Yeah, i cant wait to see that movie either. really enjoy the previews (because it looks like it hasnt already shown half the movie)

    hope it won't disappoint

  6. I couldnt agree more. I think she looked more stunning with her natural long gorgeous red hair, and pale skin.

    who the hell said blonde super dun damaged skin was cute? Playboy? rofl
  7. Lohan looks terrible...nice to see her out again though.

    Ashlee looks great and so happy, good for her!
  8. Ashley looks really good, but her boyfriend looks horrible. Like a gey, teenage version of Tommy Lee.
    Lohan looks as always - lots of hair extensions looking terribly fake in this yellow-blonde color.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: cant stand her boyfriend, I dont know him personally but the way he looks drives me insane.
  10. I think her boyfriend is 'surprisingly' fine.
  11. Not a fan of how Lohan looks, but I think Ashlee looks adorable... I think her and her boyfriend make a really cute couple.
  12. ashlee looks amazing! lindsay...welllll....she SO needs to go back to red hair and STOP putting fake tanner/bronzer on her face!
  13. Ashlee looks beautiful! I love that pink color on her. great smile.
    Lindsay looks like she need to clean up her eyebrows or something. I hope she is doing well!
  14. aw Ashlee and her bf are so cute together haha

    but Whoa, I barely recognized Lindsay
  15. ashlee looks cute.