L.L. Bean codes??

  1. Anyone have any L.L. Bean codes...I know they are high fashion, but I want to buy a couple of their totes...:smile:
  2. I would like to know, as well - I thought I had a code for free shipping, but alas, it did not work...
  3. i want to buy a pair of moccasins for my mom this christmas. anycodes besides the ones offered by the website?
  4. Bump - today got an email for 20% off and you get free shipping and a $10 GC with a $50 purchase...in case anyone needs to send gifts...Now through Nov 19.

    The code is NOVEMBER20

    Post if that doesn't work - I don't want to post the email link bc it has my email in it, but if you need it, PM me.
    Have fun shopping. I ordered some wreaths for my mom and aunt.
  5. Thanks so much! I called up customer service and they applied the coupon to an order I placed yesterday!! LLBean rocks!!!
  6. yay! Glad it helped!!!
  7. *bump* Any codes for LL Bean that work on LL Bean Signature? I found a pair of snow boots that I must have, but they're $299. Grr.